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Bulletin 3: Animagus Contest
Wed Jul 14, 2010 1:00pm

This time, Eve walked into the hall with the bulletin clue for the third round of the Animagus Contest. Again, both she and Devon had stayed up late the night before trying to stretch their creative limbs and supply the students with something that was horribly embarrassing for either one of the heads. And again, both threw their hands up in exasperation and finally wrote down the first odd thing that came to mind and called it quits.

She placed the parchment up on the bulletin and stood back to re-read it for any hidden errors:

13 with 125, 9th was 1
14, 1 will have likely won

Shaking her head, and again wondering just what she and Devon had been thinking last night to have come up with such an odd riddle, Eve walked out of Backwoods Court, her head already onto other subjects.

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