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The Grimm-Batrice bunch
Just how many kids do I have??
Fri Jul 16, 2010 1:55pm

Gregory Batrice really did not have time for such a thing as this, but his wife, Adelaide had made such a fuss over which clothes she was going to wear, and who would be at the school, and what she would say the professors, that a few hours before going he'd thrown his hands up and announced he would just go in her place. It was better than getting an ulcer, worrying about how she was representing the family, and he felt he could be more stern anyway.

Jake and Seth were the ones he found easily at the school. Sophie appeared to be missing and when he asked where she was both brothers shrugged their shoulders. Jake appeared sheepish, as if he knew, and Seth had smiled in a way that let him know that he did know something, but no amount of yelling would get him to relinquish the information. He'd learned that ages ago.

He was still considering getting that boy committed. Sure it would be a stain on their name, but having him around the house gave him the willies. It was from his wife's side, he got it, he was certain about that.

But he was determined to make these kids succeed. Asha had run off with that girl, what was her name again? Nora? And Natalie... well Natalie succeeded, but she was such a little b**ch that he figured that if she didn't learn to put on a mask, she wouldn't make it anywhere in life, and he'd be damned if his children wanted to live with him forever. Once they were out of the house, there was no way they were coming back in.

He'd get rid of Seth as soon as possible.
And Arlis for that matter. Arlis made him look bad.

He hardly cared where she was at that time. She was one of the children bound to fail.

He approached the Headmaster with purpose. He had a girl with him, but he hardly cared about that. It was short of pulling all his children from the school. It really was a joke, this institute... the reason he'd stuck with it for so long was because some schools refused to take Seth, and he liked to keep them together... easier to manage.

As the Headmaster turned, he held out his hand. "Headmaster Grace."

Seth and Jake stood behind him, Jake looking a little uncomfortable, offering sheepish smiles behind his father's back to almost everyone they had come across. Best to think keep away from the ones he knew his father had a problem with, like that muggle teacher.
Seth, on the other hand, kept his face blank except for a sudden smile that came about when he saw Jael. He grinned down at her from behind his father, though Gregory was oblivious.

"I've been meaning to speak with you for some time." He was going to ask why they hadn't arranged something like this earlier, but he let it slid. "Gregory Batrice. You have an... interesting approach to running a school."

Jake winced. Seth continued to grin.

  • Parent's EveningHeadmaster Devon T. Grace, Fri Jul 16 11:24am
    Midterm tests had been taken, most of the students were packed up for winter break, and it was the last evening of school before the students were to return home for two weeks' worth of break. The... more
    • Here at lastChase and Austin Harlow and Penny Price, Mon Jul 19 8:11am
      Chase Harlow and Penelope Price walked into Backwoods Court, her arms encasing one of his so it showed off the massive but ugly diamond engagement ring. She was smiling broadly and made eye contact... more
      • I was hoping to find you.Cassandra Locke and Jael Grace, Tue Jul 20 12:08am
        Cassandra had many hopes for this night. She hoped she would not die, or taken on serious harm that would cause irreversible damage. Any other verbal abuse, harassment, and general disgruntledness,... more
        • Then today's your lucky dayChase and Austin Harlow, Tue Jul 20 10:19am
          Austin saw Professor Locke first and smiled at her. He returned her wave and tapped Chase on the arm to get his attention. Chase turned just as the pair reached him and Austin. His expression was... more
          • Well, I don't know about thatCassandra, Tue Jul 20 10:08pm
            She was glad he was calling her Professor Locke. She had plenty of ideas about what Austin had probably told Chase, but was perfectly happy so sacrifice professional image for an improved... more
            • Well aren't you a ray of sunshineChase and Austin Harlow, Wed Jul 21 9:36am
              Austin mouth flew open when Professor Locke spoke her last sentence. He did not say that! The problem was the person invading his home. He looked up at Chase to say this but his mouth snapped shut... more
              • Don't shoot the messengerCassandra, Wed Jul 21 11:10am
                The exchange was painful, but it could have been worse. Cassandra, who had no problem with people calling her a liar, felt torn that Austin's brother was suggesting he send him off. That was a cruel, ... more
                • Then don't use oneChase Harlow, Thu Jul 22 11:05pm
                  Chase sighed heavily when Locke had finished making her speech. This woman was trying to turn this into something more than it was. Sure, she was right about Penny trying to make Austin unwelcome but ... more
                  • A little too late for thatCassandra, Sat Jul 24 3:45pm
                    It was a marvelous talent. Few people could get themselves into such trouble by the size of their own mouths as Cassandra. Her entire life had been a string of incidences such as this one, when... more
    • Anyone left to talk to? Greene Family, Sat Jul 17 6:50pm
      Abby had waited out on the Paths for three hours before they came. Her nose and cheeks had that rosy blush from the nipping cold and her ears were starting to feel that numbing buzz. When she could... more
      • There's always me!Ophelia and Family, Thu Jul 22 5:34pm
        Joseph Felder was in a grumbly mood upon arriving at his middle daughter's school. Again, he wondered why on earth they had decided to send her to school in America, instead of back home in England.... more
        • How could I forget?The Greenes, Thu Jul 22 6:17pm
          Abby was so taken off guard with her dad's arm around her shoulder and her mom asking her to point out which scale belonged to which house that she didn't have time to even roll her eyes as Ophelia... more
          • I am no clue. It's pretty hard. Ophelia and them other folk., Thu Jul 22 6:30pm
            Ophelia watched as her parents took turn shaking hands with Abby's family, smiling as she did so, but feeling rather antsy for reasons unknown to herself. Her mother looked pleasant enough, but her... more
            • We gotta get you some real friendsThe Greenes, Thu Jul 22 6:48pm
              "I wouldn't call it exactly that," Sabrina said, looking at her husband. "My brother recommended it. We liked the philosophy on education," he answered simply. There were many reasons, the blood... more
    • Whatever you say about the names...we get that a lot.Adam and Eve Winchester, Fri Jul 16 7:34pm
      Eve waited until the last moment possible before walking into Backwood’s Court. She had brushed her hair nicely, put on her favorite light blue robes and her favorite heels, and remembered to place... more
      • ShockingHeadmaster Grace, Fri Jul 16 9:24pm
        After a charming discussion with the man responsible for fathering Seth Batrice, Devon glanced around the room. The Purebloods were cohorting, sending withering glares Cassandra's way, but thus far,... more
        • Quite soWinchester, Fri Jul 16 9:48pm
          There was quite a variety of people within Backwoods Court; it made Eve nervous, to be around so many people, so many parents . It was one thing to schedule a meeting with one set of parents at a... more
          • No, see I was being sarcasticHeadmaster Grace, Fri Jul 16 10:25pm
            It was Devon's turn to practically choke on a beverage - wine, why not? Plenty of the parents had a glass (or two), and he could hold his liquor remarkably for someone his size. But Cassandra? On a... more
            • What is this sarcasm of which you speak?Winchester, Fri Jul 16 10:48pm
              “I’m not fcuking with her,” Eve insisted quietly, raising a glass amiably to a random man that had turned around to stare at the two heads, possibly having heard part of the conversation. “Cheers,... more
              • We're fearless, watch outDevon T. Grace and Joe Teslock, Sat Jul 17 10:09pm
                "She's not lonely," Devon bit back. "Dante's a mobster, and a prick, at that. He's a womanizer, Eve, so you set up a so-called friend you felt was lonely and vulnerable with a man perfectly capable... more
                • AwwwwkwardWinchester, Sun Jul 18 12:23am
                  “Sounds like a chapter out of your own biography: Devon T. Grace’s Charming Personality Traits,” Eve retorted snidely, feeling a little indignant over the entire situation. She had the best of... more
                  • Like a candy shop for grown-upsDevon and Joe, Sun Jul 18 12:47pm
                    Devon ignored every word Eve said, now that Joe was present. The man could be genial to Eve as much as he liked, but Devon was by no means fooled. Eve loathed Joe, blamed him personally for the death ... more
                    • And here we are.Winchester, Sun Jul 18 11:11pm
                      Clearly, Eve made a mistake. In an effort not to make a scene and regard Joe as coolly civil as possible in front of so many important witnesses, Eve had actually made Joe believe that she didn’t... more
    • Oh, daughter dearest!Cosar Rome Gregory Batrice, Fri Jul 16 5:00pm
      The goatee he'd spent a month growing and the fedora didn't seem to be helping Cosar's attempt at looking like Arlis's father, but he had every intention to make it work. They had been planning this... more
      • Yes Papa dear?Perfect Daughter, Sun Jul 18 10:06pm
        She was giddy. Excited that it was parents night. At first she had been dreading it, until their brilliant plan anyway. It had been a joke at first. She'd sent him a letter and he'd responded and it... more
        • We'd love to stayCosar, Wed Jul 21 10:56am
          "Excellent," Cosar beamed, barely able to keep a normal-sounding voice, much less put on an accent. He looped his arm into Arlis's, beginning to walk her around the edge of the Court, a great escape... more
          • You're a pretty snappy liar.Arlis , Thu Jul 22 1:25am
            She felt like she belonged in some sort of Jane Austen novel, the way they were walking around the hall. She wanted a bustle. And her hair in curls, and a book in her other arm. Or Cosar. She held... more
            • I'm snappy. Yeah!Cosar, Sat Jul 24 1:17pm
              He was incredibly flattered that Arlis thought he looked 'very European.' His family had mostly just teased him about running around Europe for fun for a year on an intern's salary, but he felt like... more
              • Snappy all 'round! Arlis, Tue Jul 27 11:11pm
                She felt a little bit disappointed when he didn't mention anything about Gilly, and for a moment she thought he might not like him. Is that what it was? If so, why was he not pointing out things... more
    • Tarde lindaMeet the Ortons, Fri Jul 16 4:04pm
      Derek was excited to see his parents. His dad had taken the entire night off and his mom had brought down the books he'd requested from a family friend. She'd kissed him on each cheek and his dad had ... more
      • Does that mean my feet smell?The Teslocks, Fri Jul 16 7:48pm
        Madison Connor could not have been in more of a state with her parents and brother present. She led them through the doors like it was her greatest accomplishment, pointing out everyone she knew the... more
        • Nada en absolutoThe Ortons, Fri Jul 16 10:13pm
          Derek waved with a large grin. Madison was as good as anyone. At least she didn't get moody or anything. "¿Quién es esto? " Who is this? his mother asked, her manicured hands on his shoulders. "This... more
          • Me too!The Teslocks, Fri Jul 16 10:46pm
            Madison waved gaily to Derek's parents, feeling probably as cool as she would for the whole week when Derek's mom touched her cheek. Madison tried to reciprocate, but at the same moment Mrs. Orton... more
            • Y entonces había dosMayra, Fri Jul 16 10:58pm
              Derek looked to his mom when Madison suggested flying. Of course he'd rather go flying than stick around all these adults! "Please?" "Si, amor pequeño," she nodded. "¡No se meta en líos!" She shouted ... more
              • Um, nice to meet you, tooErin Grace . . . Alone, Sat Jul 17 10:17pm
                Madison Connor and Reece ran off with Derek, and Erin looked around for Joe. He was greeting Devon, in the same three feet as Eve, and Erin promptly decided that her best plan of action was to stay... more
                • Mi mejor nuevo amigoMayra Orton, Sun Jul 18 12:34am
                  Mayra nodded empathetically. Derek was always into some sort of mischief, but he was just a child. Her baby boy. He didn't know quite what he was doing and he wouldn't hurt a fly, she was sure of... more
                  • Now you're just scaring meErin, Sun Jul 18 12:23pm
                    "Oh," Erin responded, berating herself for choosing "reading" as the word to come out of her mouth. Reading. She didn't read, not unless she was at work, or it was a romance novel, cheap and trashy... more
                    • No, no, no es espantadoMayra and Harvey, Sun Jul 18 2:01pm
                      "Oh of course," Myra agreed. "All of us will have to get together. I will owl her tomorrow and see when she's available." She liked this woman. She was quiet, but willing to talk. She knew the... more
    • I'd like to know how we all ended up related.Willow, Damon and Jenna Clay, Fri Jul 16 2:50pm
      It was so unfair. Someone Jenna had found herself being bullied into going to her sister's parents evening in the place of her parents. She'd always thought there was a reason for it being called... more
      • DittoEvelyn Moorlaker (and co), Fri Jul 16 3:12pm
        Evelyn sighed as she spotted her parents from the back where she stood. They were milling about with all the other kids' parents, looking for something. Presumably her. Great. And they hadn't brought ... more
        • Yeah, but it's just sad being related to these two.Willow, Damon and Jenna, Fri Jul 16 3:29pm
          "Hi," Willow said, trying to suppress a smile. They really were as crazy as Evelyn had said. Damon simply nodded. "Hello, I'm Jenna. Willow's sister," Jenna said, shaking each of them by the hand.... more
          • It's sad being related to these two.Evelyn and Parents, Fri Jul 16 4:41pm
            Willow said hi to Evelyn's parents, but Evelyn could see she was trying to suppress a smile. Evelyn herself had to bite her lip to keep from bursting out laughing. When Willow's sister, Jenna,... more
            • Great minds think alike.Willow, Damon and Jenna... and Cyan., Fri Jul 16 5:02pm
              When Jenna had got over the initial shock of the food appearing she brushed her short brown hair out of her face with her fingers and turned back to Rebecca and Ted, "Ah yes, absolutely lovely.... more
              • I'm hoping so. [Tag: Irritating Pureblood Parents?]Sloane and Vera Rissanna, Fri Jul 16 5:12pm
                Sloane walked solemnly behind her mother. It was useless to protest. Mother had been going on for nearly a year now about how she hadn't yet really connected to other parents of kids Sloane's age in... more
                • Re: I'm hoping so. [Tag: Irritating Pureblood Parents?]Damon and Cyan, Fri Jul 16 5:30pm
                  Cyan was taken by surprise, "Oh hello Vera," she smiled and returned the kiss, "I do agree. For some bizarre reason Drake thought that Damon should come to the same school as the rest of the family." ... more
                  • Parents' Evening. What fun.Dominic Moonbeam and Irritating Pureblood Parents, Fri Jul 16 6:04pm
                    "Oh no." Dominic recognised Damon Clay and Sloane Rissanna with their parents, and knew that his own would make a beeline straight for them. He groaned internally and lagged behind his parents as... more
                    • OOCDominic Moonbeam and Irritating Pureblood Parents, Fri Jul 16 6:07pm
                      Ok, I realise I've added in somebody who isn't there. Ignore this, I'm echausted. Sorry about that :/
                  • Social niceties are never niceThe Rissannas, Fri Jul 16 5:46pm
                    "I've no idea, I'm sure," Vera promised, effectively ignoring the other adults in their vicinity. Cyan was the only one of even vague importance. One topic seemed to be buzzing around the entire... more
                    • Isn't there a reason for them being called 'niceties'?Cyan and Damon, Fri Jul 16 6:05pm
                      Cyan nodded again, "Oh yes, she really did look a state," this, Cyan really did mean. She disliked dreadlocks with a passion, "I'm surprised they gave her a teaching job. An absolute state ." "Oh...... more
                    • Heeding the callThe Westbrooks, Fri Jul 16 6:00pm
                      Both Emma’s parents arrived at Pitts’ early in the day, knowing from their daughter’s sparse amount of letters that she preferred the quiet atmosphere of the library; they found her almost instantly, ... more
            • You think you've got it bad.Gillius Fowle and Assorted Crazy Relatives, Fri Jul 16 4:57pm
              Gilly had half expected his parents to bring at least one brother, but all six? This was pushing it. This was taking the biscuit. All six of them. He'd have to find Arlis and ask her which one she... more
              • That I do, that I do.Willow and everyone else., Fri Jul 16 5:19pm
                Willow looked in the direction that Gilly was looking and saw a large family, "I'm going to be blunt. Ye. They are trying to kill you," Willow wondered what it was like having a large family, she had ... more
                • I'm about to prove you wrong. Watch.Gilly and Assorted Crazy Persons, (plus Evelyn), Fri Jul 16 5:42pm
                  "I'm going to be blunt. Ye. They are trying to kill you." "Thanks Willow. I feel so much better for that now." Evelyn laughed, and threw an arm around Gilly. "We'll do our best to keep you alive for... more
                  • OMG. LOL!!!!!!Willow and Everyone Else, Fri Jul 16 5:55pm
                    "I don't know how good I am at keeping people alive," Willow shook her head in mock sadness and stared as Gilly's family started advancing on him. Willow stepped back and gripped Jenna's arm as... more
                    • I'm sure we're all laughing inside.Evelyn, Gilly and assorted relatives, Fri Jul 16 6:14pm
                      "There's not much I can do about this, Gilly. I apologise." "Forget it," Gilly muttered. "I'm already dead anyway." Jake noticed the pretty girl eyeing him and the other five upas Gilly was swept up... more
    • Just how many kids do I have?? — The Grimm-Batrice bunch, Fri Jul 16 1:55pm
      • I'm going to go ahead and say "too many"Headmaster Grace, Fri Jul 16 4:49pm
        When Devon turned, it was to see Mr. Gregory Batrice holding out a hand. Devon could not pretend to be disinterested in the man, one who had fathered Seth, Arlis, and Asha, three extremely... more
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