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Evelyn Moorlaker (and co)
Fri Jul 16, 2010 3:12pm

Evelyn sighed as she spotted her parents from the back where she stood. They were milling about with all the other kids' parents, looking for something. Presumably her. Great. And they hadn't brought Tom either. She hadn't been expecting much, seeing as Tom was a Muggle, but she knew that the Muggle Studies teacher wasn't a witch, and anyway a few quiet words and a good memory charm afterwards ought to do the trick.

Oh well, Evelyn thought as her parents made their way towards Willow, Damon and a girl that looked a lot like Willow but with brown hair and quite a few feet taller. At least she'd have someone to talk to. Willow didn't look too happy with her lot either.

Evelyn made her way towards her parents very slowly and less than enthusiastically. When she reached them she said, "Hi," in a rather flat voice, before her mother swept her up into a bone-crushing hug and cried, "Oh darling, how have you been? Why have you stopped writing? We've been so worried!"

Evelyn frowned. "I haven't stopped writing," she said defiantly. "I wrote to you last month."

"Oh, but we wanted you to write every day!" Evelyn's mother said. She caught sight of Headmaster Grace, hand in hand with Jael and talking to someone's father. "Is that your headmaster?" she said sharply. "He doesn't look very -"

"Mum!" Evelyn blushed. Her mother was somewhat embarrassing in public situations. Evelyn looked at her dad, who hadn't said anything, but he smiled when he caught her eye. She smied back, feeling guilty about never having thanked him for the shoes. She wasn't likely to wear them again though.

"Erm, Mum, Dad, this is Willow. My friend," Evelyn said in a desperate attempt to stop her mother from going over and speaking to any of the teachers. She'd be so embarrassed. "And Willow's cousin. Damon."

  • I'd like to know how we all ended up related.Willow, Damon and Jenna Clay, Fri Jul 16 2:50pm
    It was so unfair. Someone Jenna had found herself being bullied into going to her sister's parents evening in the place of her parents. She'd always thought there was a reason for it being called... more
    • Ditto — Evelyn Moorlaker (and co), Fri Jul 16 3:12pm
      • Yeah, but it's just sad being related to these two.Willow, Damon and Jenna, Fri Jul 16 3:29pm
        "Hi," Willow said, trying to suppress a smile. They really were as crazy as Evelyn had said. Damon simply nodded. "Hello, I'm Jenna. Willow's sister," Jenna said, shaking each of them by the hand.... more
        • It's sad being related to these two.Evelyn and Parents, Fri Jul 16 4:41pm
          Willow said hi to Evelyn's parents, but Evelyn could see she was trying to suppress a smile. Evelyn herself had to bite her lip to keep from bursting out laughing. When Willow's sister, Jenna,... more
          • Great minds think alike.Willow, Damon and Jenna... and Cyan., Fri Jul 16 5:02pm
            When Jenna had got over the initial shock of the food appearing she brushed her short brown hair out of her face with her fingers and turned back to Rebecca and Ted, "Ah yes, absolutely lovely.... more
            • I'm hoping so. [Tag: Irritating Pureblood Parents?]Sloane and Vera Rissanna, Fri Jul 16 5:12pm
              Sloane walked solemnly behind her mother. It was useless to protest. Mother had been going on for nearly a year now about how she hadn't yet really connected to other parents of kids Sloane's age in... more
              • Re: I'm hoping so. [Tag: Irritating Pureblood Parents?]Damon and Cyan, Fri Jul 16 5:30pm
                Cyan was taken by surprise, "Oh hello Vera," she smiled and returned the kiss, "I do agree. For some bizarre reason Drake thought that Damon should come to the same school as the rest of the family." ... more
                • Parents' Evening. What fun.Dominic Moonbeam and Irritating Pureblood Parents, Fri Jul 16 6:04pm
                  "Oh no." Dominic recognised Damon Clay and Sloane Rissanna with their parents, and knew that his own would make a beeline straight for them. He groaned internally and lagged behind his parents as... more
                  • OOCDominic Moonbeam and Irritating Pureblood Parents, Fri Jul 16 6:07pm
                    Ok, I realise I've added in somebody who isn't there. Ignore this, I'm echausted. Sorry about that :/
                • Social niceties are never niceThe Rissannas, Fri Jul 16 5:46pm
                  "I've no idea, I'm sure," Vera promised, effectively ignoring the other adults in their vicinity. Cyan was the only one of even vague importance. One topic seemed to be buzzing around the entire... more
                  • Isn't there a reason for them being called 'niceties'?Cyan and Damon, Fri Jul 16 6:05pm
                    Cyan nodded again, "Oh yes, she really did look a state," this, Cyan really did mean. She disliked dreadlocks with a passion, "I'm surprised they gave her a teaching job. An absolute state ." "Oh...... more
                  • Heeding the callThe Westbrooks, Fri Jul 16 6:00pm
                    Both Emma’s parents arrived at Pitts’ early in the day, knowing from their daughter’s sparse amount of letters that she preferred the quiet atmosphere of the library; they found her almost instantly, ... more
                    • As you should.The Rissannas, Fri Jul 16 6:20pm
                      "Tahlia!" Vera turned, pleased to find the Moonbeams in attendance. She kissed Tahlia on both cheeks, and Larson on one. "Larson, of course," she greeted warmly. "I can't tell you how relieved I am... more
          • You think you've got it bad.Gillius Fowle and Assorted Crazy Relatives, Fri Jul 16 4:57pm
            Gilly had half expected his parents to bring at least one brother, but all six? This was pushing it. This was taking the biscuit. All six of them. He'd have to find Arlis and ask her which one she... more
            • That I do, that I do.Willow and everyone else., Fri Jul 16 5:19pm
              Willow looked in the direction that Gilly was looking and saw a large family, "I'm going to be blunt. Ye. They are trying to kill you," Willow wondered what it was like having a large family, she had ... more
              • I'm about to prove you wrong. Watch.Gilly and Assorted Crazy Persons, (plus Evelyn), Fri Jul 16 5:42pm
                "I'm going to be blunt. Ye. They are trying to kill you." "Thanks Willow. I feel so much better for that now." Evelyn laughed, and threw an arm around Gilly. "We'll do our best to keep you alive for... more
                • OMG. LOL!!!!!!Willow and Everyone Else, Fri Jul 16 5:55pm
                  "I don't know how good I am at keeping people alive," Willow shook her head in mock sadness and stared as Gilly's family started advancing on him. Willow stepped back and gripped Jenna's arm as... more
                  • I'm sure we're all laughing inside.Evelyn, Gilly and assorted relatives, Fri Jul 16 6:14pm
                    "There's not much I can do about this, Gilly. I apologise." "Forget it," Gilly muttered. "I'm already dead anyway." Jake noticed the pretty girl eyeing him and the other five upas Gilly was swept up... more
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