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Headmaster Grace
I'm going to go ahead and say "too many"
Fri Jul 16, 2010 4:49pm

When Devon turned, it was to see Mr. Gregory Batrice holding out a hand. Devon could not pretend to be disinterested in the man, one who had fathered Seth, Arlis, and Asha, three extremely interesting children. The one point that deeply concerned him was that Seth was with his father, and Jael was just beside him, whispering something to her shoe.

The Headmaster accepted the father's handshake and gave nods to both Jake and Seth - Seth earning a slightly darker look between the two.

At least this conversation had begun genial enough. For a man with over half his children in Rakin, Gregory Batrice was acting civil thus far, and Devon enjoyed etiquette whenever he could get it.

The man, it seemed, was disgruntled with the way Devon ran Pitts' Institute. Devon had dozens of reasons the school ran the way it did, ones any professor or staff member would understand perfectly. The deed was in the name of an ex-con. The children acted terribly and were far more devious than most brands of children anywhere. It was public, and allowed a wide array of students in, from all regions and classes. It was cursed. Its only neighbor was the Mafia. The Deputy Headmistress was virtually useless. Yes, well . . .

"I have an interesting school," Devon parried. He had ceased sucking up to parents and the Council the year he had decided to fukc them all and go private. Though the decision had turned around, his mannerisms hadn't. He considered himself and his institution freelance, rogue. And yet, parents continued to send students, for obvious reasons of success.

Beside him, Jael had taken on an odd smile, and had stepped forward away from Devon, to Seth. She had been growing; she came up to his shoulder, now, taller than the other girls her age. Still thin, though, still pale and mopped with black long hair. She reached a hand forward, and traced her finger from Seth's forehead to his chin, straight down, then stood back, looking pleased with her work. Devon had failed to notice that her hands were covered in soot.

"I've been meaning to speak with you," Devon admitted, tugging Jael gently until she was back at his side, her mouth and eyes giving a lopsided look to Seth. "Your daughter, Arlis, a highly charming and capable young lady, is leading a faction of Muggle-borns in not wearing their robes. "And Sophie has been . . . reclusive."

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    Gregory Batrice really did not have time for such a thing as this, but his wife, Adelaide had made such a fuss over which clothes she was going to wear, and who would be at the school, and what she... more
    • I'm going to go ahead and say "too many" — Headmaster Grace, Fri Jul 16 4:49pm
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