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Gilly and Assorted Crazy Persons, (plus Evelyn)
I'm about to prove you wrong. Watch.
Fri Jul 16, 2010 5:42pm

"I'm going to be blunt. Ye. They are trying to kill you."

"Thanks Willow. I feel so much better for that now."

Evelyn laughed, and threw an arm around Gilly. "We'll do our best to keep you alive for as long as we can, right Willow?" she said, suddenly happier. She couldn't see Dominic anywhere, but maybe his parents had decided not come.

Gilly was still looking at his family when, inexplicably, his mother noticed him and shouted "Gillius!" for the second time that evening and ran towards him. Gilly almost did cry of shame. He moaned mournfully anyway.

"Uh oh," Evelyn said, biting her lip. "Looks like Mission Keep-Gilly-Alive has failed. Abort mission people! Abort mission!" Unfortunately Gilly didn't find this very funny, and as his mother swept him up into and embarrassing hug and gave him four even more embarrassing kisses (two on each cheek), Evelyn found herself caught in the hug as well. She struggled to get away (Gilly's mum was weirder than hers), but unfortunately Mrs Fowle noticed her and for some reason tears filled her eyes.

"Oh, Gillius sweetie!"

"Mum, no -" Gilly tried to say, but his mum interrupted him.

"Gillius! Oh and after all these years we thought you were -"

"No, Mum, I am! I am, Evelyn's not -"

Evelyn suddenly realised what Gilly and his mother were arguing about, and gasped. "Ohhh, no no no no no," she said hastily, but now the rest of Gilly's family had arrived now and swarmed around the two of them, making remarks, such as, "Aww! You're gonna have really ginger kids!"

"Shut up, Fred!" Gilly said irritably, pushing his brother about half a foot. Fred had got really strong over the summer. Maybe he was into weight training. "Anyway, why don't you have a girlfriend? Nobody want you?"

Fred grinned and said, "Engaged," and pulled a photo of a pretty blonde girl out of his wallet. Gilly scowled. "Save me," he muttered to Evelyn and Willow, hoping desperately that one of them would.

  • That I do, that I do.Willow and everyone else., Fri Jul 16 5:19pm
    Willow looked in the direction that Gilly was looking and saw a large family, "I'm going to be blunt. Ye. They are trying to kill you," Willow wondered what it was like having a large family, she had ... more
    • I'm about to prove you wrong. Watch. — Gilly and Assorted Crazy Persons, (plus Evelyn), Fri Jul 16 5:42pm
      • OMG. LOL!!!!!!Willow and Everyone Else, Fri Jul 16 5:55pm
        "I don't know how good I am at keeping people alive," Willow shook her head in mock sadness and stared as Gilly's family started advancing on him. Willow stepped back and gripped Jenna's arm as... more
        • I'm sure we're all laughing inside.Evelyn, Gilly and assorted relatives, Fri Jul 16 6:14pm
          "There's not much I can do about this, Gilly. I apologise." "Forget it," Gilly muttered. "I'm already dead anyway." Jake noticed the pretty girl eyeing him and the other five upas Gilly was swept up... more
          • The author is tired and slap happy. She is laughing.Jenna and Willow, Fri Jul 16 6:24pm
            "Jenna," Jenna smiled seductively and Willow let go of her arm, and turned away quickly. This was really quite disturbing to watch. Jenna shook Thomas' hand politely and then stepped a bit closer, "I ... more
            • This author is tired and not laughing. My brother is drunk.Gilly, Evelyn and their embarrassung relatives, Fri Jul 16 7:10pm
              Gilly groaned, and Thomas kicked him. "Jenna," he repeated. "Nice to meet you, Jenna." Jenna shook his hand and stepped closer to him. "I think it just got hotter in here." Thomas grinned. "I think... more
              • Drunk! WOO! Jenna and Willow, Fri Jul 16 7:23pm
                Willow watched as Jenna did that wierd flirty smile again. "I think... That we should go to the Cherise later," Jenna murmered, hoping she'd got the name right. Willow had mentioned it once. Willow... more
                • Oh I forgot, you like being drunk, don't you?Gilly and Evelyn and relatives, Sat Jul 17 11:59am
                  Gilly went even redder (though he was surprised that was possible) as his brother said something about what-was-the-point-of-waiting-and-why-don't-we-go-now. He wanted to laugh - if Thomas was going... more
                  • Not terribly so.Jenna and Willow, Sat Jul 17 1:03pm
                    Willow backed away as Jenna walked up to her, "Right, I've done some talking now. I'll come and say bye later." Jenna pecked Willow on the cheek and walked away, Gilly's brother in tow. Willow... more
                    • You do, just admit it.Just a few of the Saltzmans, Sat Jul 17 7:17pm
                      Howl walked into Backwoods Court and caught sight of Willow, Evelyn and Gilly. He decided to go and talk to them while he waited for his dad to come. He looked warily at the circle of pureblood... more
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