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Dominic Moonbeam and Irritating Pureblood Parents
Parents' Evening. What fun.
Fri Jul 16, 2010 6:04pm

"Oh no."

Dominic recognised Damon Clay and Sloane Rissanna with their parents, and knew that his own would make a beeline straight for them. He groaned internally and lagged behind his parents as they, as he'd predicted, walked quickly towards Cyan and Drake Clay and Vera Rissanna, afraid to mingle with the "Mudbloods". God, he hated that term.

"Ah, there's Vera," said Tahlia in her "posh" voice. Why can't she just speak normally? Dominic thought, as he followed his mother and father towards Sloane and Damon with an ominous feeling in his chest.

"This school really is the most bizarre school I've ever heard of," Damon's mother was saying as they approached. "A muggle teacher. Really."

"What?" said Larson suddenly. A sharp nudge from his wife reminded him to be polite. "Vera," he nodded, extending his hand to Vera Rissanna. "Cyan. Drake." He extended his hand to each of them in turn, then returned to the pressing issue at hand. "Muggle teachers?"

"Crap," Dominic muttered, closing his eyes in despair. Pray God Willow had gone off somewhere. Larson's gaze flickered to Dominic. He'd always been disappointed in his only son. No respect for the pureblood line at all. The boy didn't know how lucky he was. Pureblood lines were dying out, and Dominic wasn't even proud to be part of one. Larson sighed angrily, then looked back at Cyan, Drake and Vera.

"Where? Teaching what? Who let this happen?"

"Muggles," sniffed Tahlia. "They poke their noses in everywhere. It's dispicable!"

  • Re: I'm hoping so. [Tag: Irritating Pureblood Parents?]Damon and Cyan, Fri Jul 16 5:30pm
    Cyan was taken by surprise, "Oh hello Vera," she smiled and returned the kiss, "I do agree. For some bizarre reason Drake thought that Damon should come to the same school as the rest of the family." ... more
    • Parents' Evening. What fun. — Dominic Moonbeam and Irritating Pureblood Parents, Fri Jul 16 6:04pm
      • OOCDominic Moonbeam and Irritating Pureblood Parents, Fri Jul 16 6:07pm
        Ok, I realise I've added in somebody who isn't there. Ignore this, I'm echausted. Sorry about that :/
    • Social niceties are never niceThe Rissannas, Fri Jul 16 5:46pm
      "I've no idea, I'm sure," Vera promised, effectively ignoring the other adults in their vicinity. Cyan was the only one of even vague importance. One topic seemed to be buzzing around the entire... more
      • Isn't there a reason for them being called 'niceties'?Cyan and Damon, Fri Jul 16 6:05pm
        Cyan nodded again, "Oh yes, she really did look a state," this, Cyan really did mean. She disliked dreadlocks with a passion, "I'm surprised they gave her a teaching job. An absolute state ." "Oh...... more
      • Heeding the callThe Westbrooks, Fri Jul 16 6:00pm
        Both Emma’s parents arrived at Pitts’ early in the day, knowing from their daughter’s sparse amount of letters that she preferred the quiet atmosphere of the library; they found her almost instantly, ... more
        • As you should.The Rissannas, Fri Jul 16 6:20pm
          "Tahlia!" Vera turned, pleased to find the Moonbeams in attendance. She kissed Tahlia on both cheeks, and Larson on one. "Larson, of course," she greeted warmly. "I can't tell you how relieved I am... more
          • Oh, definitely.Damon and Cyan, Fri Jul 16 6:31pm
            Cyan smiled at all the newcomers. She had stopped whispering abotu Dominic as the Moonbeams had turned up. She smiled politely at all the newcomers, "Thank you," she smiled a little brighter, "I'll... more
            • Probably best.Dominic and parents, Fri Jul 16 6:58pm
              Dominic felt sure Damon's mother had been talking about him; she'd stopped talking the moment he and his parents had joined the rest of the pureblood families. She started talking about "considering... more
              • The mating habits of the rich and pettyThe Westbrooks, Fri Jul 16 7:02pm
                Emma, again, nodded, this time at Dominic, who she had spoken to once in the library, only to realize much later that he, in fact, did not share her views about pureblood supremacy. The group was... more
                • It's the best way to beThe Rissannas, Fri Jul 16 7:19pm
                  Vera felt much more at home with the Moonbeams, Westbrooks and Clay (singular, noted) surrounding her. She murmured congratulations to the Westbrooks on their daughter's betrothal, snidely thinking... more
                  • ...Or is it?Cyan and Damon, Fri Jul 16 7:38pm
                    Cyan nodded and smiled in congratulations towards the Westbrooks. She really wasn't good a talking. Usually Drake did all the talking, lest she showed him up. She remembered when she had become... more
                    • Better than those of the poor and needyDominic and the Moonbeams, Sun Jul 18 2:09pm
                      "Really? Well, whatever he is, it's disgusting. What a way to get a job." Tahlia nodded at Grace, glaring over at the Muggle. "I suppose you can't expect anything better from these people. We had... more
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