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Quite so
Fri Jul 16, 2010 9:48pm

There was quite a variety of people within Backwoods Court; it made Eve nervous, to be around so many people, so many parents. It was one thing to schedule a meeting with one set of parents at a time, usually teamed up with Devon in the process; it was quite another to be in a room full of protective adults that would sooner rip someone’s head off than hear about a paper cut their son or daughter might endure under the school’s care. Parents could be vicious. Her own parents had been vicious when Eve was a student here; but they were the typical pureblood couple, who would more than likely feel right at home with a certain group in Backwoods Court right at that moment—a group Eve had been eyeballing for the past few minutes, having recognized the animal-like glint in their eyes as they appraised the room snobbishly.

Eve herself looked the room over, feeling a little indignant that some people might not think the room good enough for them; Eve, along with the rest of the staff, had worked hard—well, had worked to prepare for Parent’s Night. She had to endure snide remarks by Devon that entire week, as though she were a child, telling her not to do anything foolish. If he was thinking correctly, he would have remembered that his threats usually didn’t do very much when the time came for Eve to speak and act—ultimately, she ended up doing something that would bring a blow to her reputation.

Eve raised her glass to her mouth and took a large gulp, promptly choking on her drink. Ugh, apple juice! Just as she was about to shout curses at Devon, he spoke, reminding her of where she was. Instead, she gave him a bitter smile, her eyes shooting daggers at him. “It was butterbeer,” she paused then said quietly, “you ass.” She tapped her wand against the glass, vanishing it from her hand. She knew what he was doing. Keeping up appearances. Playing nice. Pretending that the two heads were constantly affectionate, best friends. The public was stupid enough to forget about past indiscretions, most of the time.

A thought occurred to her, just as Eve spotted Cassandra holding Jael’s hand across the room. Now was as good a time as any. “I set Cassandra up on a date with Dante,” she said happily, grabbing another butterbeer and sipping at it. She wasn’t stupid enough to think that he wouldn’t be furious when he found out. Dante wasn’t the nicest person, but Cassandra was a woman that could hold her own. Eve had thought that they would be compatible, but apparently that hadn’t been the case. For the past few days, Eve had been worried about word getting around to Devon, and the consequences that would bring on Eve, the instigator. Now, she had an out. He couldn’t do a damn thing to her right now, in front of so many annoying witnesses.

  • ShockingHeadmaster Grace, Fri Jul 16 9:24pm
    After a charming discussion with the man responsible for fathering Seth Batrice, Devon glanced around the room. The Purebloods were cohorting, sending withering glares Cassandra's way, but thus far,... more
    • Quite so — Winchester, Fri Jul 16 9:48pm
      • No, see I was being sarcasticHeadmaster Grace, Fri Jul 16 10:25pm
        It was Devon's turn to practically choke on a beverage - wine, why not? Plenty of the parents had a glass (or two), and he could hold his liquor remarkably for someone his size. But Cassandra? On a... more
        • What is this sarcasm of which you speak?Winchester, Fri Jul 16 10:48pm
          “I’m not fcuking with her,” Eve insisted quietly, raising a glass amiably to a random man that had turned around to stare at the two heads, possibly having heard part of the conversation. “Cheers,... more
          • We're fearless, watch outDevon T. Grace and Joe Teslock, Sat Jul 17 10:09pm
            "She's not lonely," Devon bit back. "Dante's a mobster, and a prick, at that. He's a womanizer, Eve, so you set up a so-called friend you felt was lonely and vulnerable with a man perfectly capable... more
            • AwwwwkwardWinchester, Sun Jul 18 12:23am
              “Sounds like a chapter out of your own biography: Devon T. Grace’s Charming Personality Traits,” Eve retorted snidely, feeling a little indignant over the entire situation. She had the best of... more
              • Like a candy shop for grown-upsDevon and Joe, Sun Jul 18 12:47pm
                Devon ignored every word Eve said, now that Joe was present. The man could be genial to Eve as much as he liked, but Devon was by no means fooled. Eve loathed Joe, blamed him personally for the death ... more
                • And here we are.Winchester, Sun Jul 18 11:11pm
                  Clearly, Eve made a mistake. In an effort not to make a scene and regard Joe as coolly civil as possible in front of so many important witnesses, Eve had actually made Joe believe that she didn’t... more
                  • Best place to be. Devon, Joe, and . . . , Mon Jul 19 11:47pm
                    The two gentlemen turned to Eve, each giving her a curious glance. She had just said something entirely senseless, not to mention irrelevant. And poured herself a glass of wine. "Good for you," Joe... more
                    • Now that he's gone, sureRand! Michealson Rand!, Tue Jul 20 12:02am
                      Rand had been interacting with the parents, keeping his shirt sleeves down and had his nicest robes on. His mind was distracted though. Even though they hadn't bumped into each other much, things... more
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