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Headmaster Grace
No, see I was being sarcastic
Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:25pm

It was Devon's turn to practically choke on a beverage - wine, why not? Plenty of the parents had a glass (or two), and he could hold his liquor remarkably for someone his size.

But Cassandra? On a date with Dante? Devon could not imagine a worse match. Dante was a fashion fanatic with a passion for making other people feel like shit, and Cassandra, well . . . Cassandra. . .

Devon's newfound "love" had been taking a toll on him. He had come to terms as best he could. He woke up every morning with a thrill in his stomach like the world was his, coffee smelled magic, an optimism no one would have expected from him, and then by noon, he would begin to sink. Every night the past week he'd gotten loaded out of his mind, so jolted with liquor he hadn't felt a thing, even the pleasant tingle in his gut which over the course of the day turned into a pang. And then, the next morning, he would wake up again, and begin the cycle all over again.

He looked worse for it. He was gaunter than usual, more genial or surlier depending on the time of day, and clutched to Jael like a broken plaything he could repair.

He would clap for fairies for Cassandra. Burn his books, his wine, his robes while he was wearing them, but he was perfectly aware that it would not suffice. Because, every day, he came to the same conclusion: Cassandra was better than him, and she would never have him. Confessing to her would only trouble her, even hurt her if she ended up feeling like she should leave because of it. She needed a night in armor so shiny it could blind, and Devon's was tarnished with blood of people who didn't deserve it, Eve's tears, and rust from futuristic sass. He could never have her.

Cassandra on a date with Dante was more than he could process. "Dante's an ass," Devon cursed at her, hissing under his breath, trying to keep his face stoic for the parents. "He's Mazzanti's, snide, his robes look nicer than any woman he's ever taken." The words were spat, snarled. "She's got centuries on him, obvious to anyone with more than half their brain leftover from starvation." He wasn't sure he could breathe, kept trying to look nice, "Don't fukc with her, Eve!"

  • Quite soWinchester, Fri Jul 16 9:48pm
    There was quite a variety of people within Backwoods Court; it made Eve nervous, to be around so many people, so many parents . It was one thing to schedule a meeting with one set of parents at a... more
    • No, see I was being sarcastic — Headmaster Grace, Fri Jul 16 10:25pm
      • What is this sarcasm of which you speak?Winchester, Fri Jul 16 10:48pm
        “I’m not fcuking with her,” Eve insisted quietly, raising a glass amiably to a random man that had turned around to stare at the two heads, possibly having heard part of the conversation. “Cheers,... more
        • We're fearless, watch outDevon T. Grace and Joe Teslock, Sat Jul 17 10:09pm
          "She's not lonely," Devon bit back. "Dante's a mobster, and a prick, at that. He's a womanizer, Eve, so you set up a so-called friend you felt was lonely and vulnerable with a man perfectly capable... more
          • AwwwwkwardWinchester, Sun Jul 18 12:23am
            “Sounds like a chapter out of your own biography: Devon T. Grace’s Charming Personality Traits,” Eve retorted snidely, feeling a little indignant over the entire situation. She had the best of... more
            • Like a candy shop for grown-upsDevon and Joe, Sun Jul 18 12:47pm
              Devon ignored every word Eve said, now that Joe was present. The man could be genial to Eve as much as he liked, but Devon was by no means fooled. Eve loathed Joe, blamed him personally for the death ... more
              • And here we are.Winchester, Sun Jul 18 11:11pm
                Clearly, Eve made a mistake. In an effort not to make a scene and regard Joe as coolly civil as possible in front of so many important witnesses, Eve had actually made Joe believe that she didn’t... more
                • Best place to be. Devon, Joe, and . . . , Mon Jul 19 11:47pm
                  The two gentlemen turned to Eve, each giving her a curious glance. She had just said something entirely senseless, not to mention irrelevant. And poured herself a glass of wine. "Good for you," Joe... more
                  • Now that he's gone, sureRand! Michealson Rand!, Tue Jul 20 12:02am
                    Rand had been interacting with the parents, keeping his shirt sleeves down and had his nicest robes on. His mind was distracted though. Even though they hadn't bumped into each other much, things... more
                    • At least someone agrees with me.Winchester, Wed Jul 21 8:22pm
                      The only time in Eve’s life when she would willingly beg Devon to stay in her presence was a moment just like this, when the alternative was to remain in a conversation with only Joe Teslock. At... more
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