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Y entonces había dos
Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:58pm

Derek looked to his mom when Madison suggested flying. Of course he'd rather go flying than stick around all these adults! "Please?"

"Si, amor pequeño," she nodded. "¡No se meta en líos!" She shouted after him as he walked away.

"He'll be fine," Harvey said. "Shall I get us some drinks?"

"Yes, that's fine," Mayra said, not looking as he went to fetch them. She smiled at Erin, standing a little closer to her in the crowded room where it was growing a little louder. This was where Mayra was best though. Some may have assumed she'd gone to some sort of school for this sort of thing. Mayra had a knack for flattery and giving her attention. When she talked to someone, she had a way of making them feel like they were the only ones in the room. It was key to being a hostess. And Mayra played hostess often.

"Your children are adorable," she gushed, her eyes rolling up to the ceiling for emphasis. "I always wanted a little girl, but it's so hard just keeping up with Derek. You must have so much energy!"

  • Me too!The Teslocks, Fri Jul 16 10:46pm
    Madison waved gaily to Derek's parents, feeling probably as cool as she would for the whole week when Derek's mom touched her cheek. Madison tried to reciprocate, but at the same moment Mrs. Orton... more
    • Y entonces había dos — Mayra, Fri Jul 16 10:58pm
      • Um, nice to meet you, tooErin Grace . . . Alone, Sat Jul 17 10:17pm
        Madison Connor and Reece ran off with Derek, and Erin looked around for Joe. He was greeting Devon, in the same three feet as Eve, and Erin promptly decided that her best plan of action was to stay... more
        • Mi mejor nuevo amigoMayra Orton, Sun Jul 18 12:34am
          Mayra nodded empathetically. Derek was always into some sort of mischief, but he was just a child. Her baby boy. He didn't know quite what he was doing and he wouldn't hurt a fly, she was sure of... more
          • Now you're just scaring meErin, Sun Jul 18 12:23pm
            "Oh," Erin responded, berating herself for choosing "reading" as the word to come out of her mouth. Reading. She didn't read, not unless she was at work, or it was a romance novel, cheap and trashy... more
            • No, no, no es espantadoMayra and Harvey, Sun Jul 18 2:01pm
              "Oh of course," Myra agreed. "All of us will have to get together. I will owl her tomorrow and see when she's available." She liked this woman. She was quiet, but willing to talk. She knew the... more
              • Really, I'm sure that T. is just in his own headErin and Devon T. Grace, Sun Jul 18 5:57pm
                Erin was shocked to hear that Mayra would rather sleep alone in a hotel, without her husband, than endure the discomfort of apparation. She would travel miles for Joe, in any manner possible, with... more
                • ¿Tiene esa T su propia cama también? Mayra, Mon Jul 19 12:52am
                  Mayra watched Erin's eyes, looking towards the man walking their way. She looked him up and down as he came over. He wasn't handsome. And as he joined them he was polite, but she wouldn't call him... more
                  • This can not end well. Erin and Devon, Mon Jul 19 9:08pm
                    Erin decided exactly then that she was going to leave this conversation as quickly as possible. She spotted Cassandra and Jael - perhaps she could join them - or go watch the children out on the... more
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