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Sun Jul 18, 2010 12:23am

“Sounds like a chapter out of your own biography: Devon T. Grace’s Charming Personality Traits,” Eve retorted snidely, feeling a little indignant over the entire situation. She had the best of intentions setting Cassandra up with Dante. It wasn’t her fcuking fault that a pair of capable adults couldn’t handle two measly hours making small-talk in a bar. “Besides, I already apologized to Cassie, and frankly, she’s the only person I need to worry about in this situation. And, she is lonely; it’s so fcuking obvious to anyone mindful enough to just pay attention for five minutes.”

Eve’s grip unconsciously tightened around her glass, hearing the news of Rand and Kim Baden for the first time. “He’s not going anywhere,” she quickly interjected after Adam was safely off at a distance, engaging the muggles in cheerful conversation. She then scanned the room, a little curious to see just what Devon was talking about, but she couldn’t spot Kim in the large crowd. “I bet it’s all a misunderstanding, anyways. Rand isn’t that kind of person, trust me,” she said with conviction, ignoring the embarrassing feelings that came with thinking about their . . . she couldn’t call it a date by any stretch of the imagination—a fun, college-esque type night, perhaps, with the predictable make-out session to end the night. Still, she had feelings for the man, and wasn’t about to let Devon fire him based solely on speculation. “Did Kim come talk to you about it?

“Wait, and ew,” she looked at him in disgust, just processing his next snide remark about Adam. “That’s my fcuking twin, Devon; why don’t I give you a mental image of you and Erin adding another notch to your fifty-five foot belt and see how you like it.” She tapped on her full glass of butterbeer again, vanishing this one too after realizing she couldn’t handle anything more in her nauseated stomach. Before she could even think of anything further to continue with, Joe Teslock wandered over to them.

Eve paled and physically had to restrain herself from seizing a glass of wine by thrusting her hands into her pockets. She hadn’t noticed Joe, nor Erin, arriving, and mentally berated herself for not thinking ahead of time to prepare herself for seeing them. Of course, they’d be here. Madison had been a student at Pitts’ for two years now. Eve would never forget the happy girl’s year at the school, always with a large amount of guilt counting down the days until Madison would graduate. When her younger brother would start at Pitts next year, Eve would begin his own count, too.

Managing a weak, and even amiable smile—albeit very awkward—Eve ignored his compliment and said uncomfortably, “Madison’s really a nice girl.” She kept her hands in her pocket, staring down at her heels then up at the ceiling, then down at the curtain-drawn windows.

  • We're fearless, watch outDevon T. Grace and Joe Teslock, Sat Jul 17 10:09pm
    "She's not lonely," Devon bit back. "Dante's a mobster, and a prick, at that. He's a womanizer, Eve, so you set up a so-called friend you felt was lonely and vulnerable with a man perfectly capable... more
    • Awwwwkward — Winchester, Sun Jul 18 12:23am
      • Like a candy shop for grown-upsDevon and Joe, Sun Jul 18 12:47pm
        Devon ignored every word Eve said, now that Joe was present. The man could be genial to Eve as much as he liked, but Devon was by no means fooled. Eve loathed Joe, blamed him personally for the death ... more
        • And here we are.Winchester, Sun Jul 18 11:11pm
          Clearly, Eve made a mistake. In an effort not to make a scene and regard Joe as coolly civil as possible in front of so many important witnesses, Eve had actually made Joe believe that she didn’t... more
          • Best place to be. Devon, Joe, and . . . , Mon Jul 19 11:47pm
            The two gentlemen turned to Eve, each giving her a curious glance. She had just said something entirely senseless, not to mention irrelevant. And poured herself a glass of wine. "Good for you," Joe... more
            • Now that he's gone, sureRand! Michealson Rand!, Tue Jul 20 12:02am
              Rand had been interacting with the parents, keeping his shirt sleeves down and had his nicest robes on. His mind was distracted though. Even though they hadn't bumped into each other much, things... more
              • At least someone agrees with me.Winchester, Wed Jul 21 8:22pm
                The only time in Eve’s life when she would willingly beg Devon to stay in her presence was a moment just like this, when the alternative was to remain in a conversation with only Joe Teslock. At... more
                • You're right, I doJoe Teslock, Thu Jul 22 12:10am
                  Joe smiled cordially to allow Eve to introduce him. Madison Connor had given Erin and Joe sufficient commentary on all of the professors, and enough for Joe to see that Michaelson was far from the... more
                  • This feels like it should be the start to a bad jokeRand Michealson, Thu Jul 22 12:30am
                    Rand shook Joe's hand when it was offered. He seemed like a Joe. Not the kind of guy he would go out of his way to spend time with, but one of those pleasant sort of people who you enjoyed having a... more
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