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Now you're just scaring me
Sun Jul 18, 2010 12:23pm

"Oh," Erin responded, berating herself for choosing "reading" as the word to come out of her mouth. Reading. She didn't read, not unless she was at work, or it was a romance novel, cheap and trashy and easy to flip through. Mayra seemed kind, though, and passionate. Erin did not want to have anyone expecting her to polish off a Dostoevsky novel in a month, but if they were all mothers, maybe it wouldn't be that bad.

"Right here in Pittsburgh," Erin answered. They lived in the older section of town, in a house far nicer than they could afford, but they still lived with Joe's mother, who was quite possibly Erin's very best friend. Seena had been feeling under the weather this afternoon, though, otherwise she would have come along. Erin constantly fretted over what she would do when the old woman was gone. "But travel's nothing, I can apparate."

It was a small piece of pride for her - she was better at apparation than Devon, even, who seemed to take first place in nearly everything else.

"Maybe the two of them could . . . play?" Erin guessed, trying, "While I meet her? We could all do lunch," she added suddenly, distraught at the thought of meeting another person without some connection between them.

  • Mi mejor nuevo amigoMayra Orton, Sun Jul 18 12:34am
    Mayra nodded empathetically. Derek was always into some sort of mischief, but he was just a child. Her baby boy. He didn't know quite what he was doing and he wouldn't hurt a fly, she was sure of... more
    • Now you're just scaring me — Erin, Sun Jul 18 12:23pm
      • No, no, no es espantadoMayra and Harvey, Sun Jul 18 2:01pm
        "Oh of course," Myra agreed. "All of us will have to get together. I will owl her tomorrow and see when she's available." She liked this woman. She was quiet, but willing to talk. She knew the... more
        • Really, I'm sure that T. is just in his own headErin and Devon T. Grace, Sun Jul 18 5:57pm
          Erin was shocked to hear that Mayra would rather sleep alone in a hotel, without her husband, than endure the discomfort of apparation. She would travel miles for Joe, in any manner possible, with... more
          • ¿Tiene esa T su propia cama también? Mayra, Mon Jul 19 12:52am
            Mayra watched Erin's eyes, looking towards the man walking their way. She looked him up and down as he came over. He wasn't handsome. And as he joined them he was polite, but she wouldn't call him... more
            • This can not end well. Erin and Devon, Mon Jul 19 9:08pm
              Erin decided exactly then that she was going to leave this conversation as quickly as possible. She spotted Cassandra and Jael - perhaps she could join them - or go watch the children out on the... more
              • She could tell by his look that this was worth her while. She didn't bother with men who would do nothing but make things awkward for her. Men who assumed too much or who had no idea how to be... more
                • Funny. I understood that perfectlyDevon, Wed Jul 21 2:49pm
                  Just as Devon was doubting himself, thinking Cassandra , he spotted her across the room with the memory of a story she had told him a month or so ago about Austin Harlow. Devon had scoffed at it.... more
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