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Cassandra Locke and Jael Grace
I was hoping to find you.
Tue Jul 20, 2010 12:08am

Cassandra had many hopes for this night. She hoped she would not die, or taken on serious harm that would cause irreversible damage. Any other verbal abuse, harassment, and general disgruntledness, she was planning on putting up with. One other hope she had was that she would be able to talk to Chase Harlow.

So far, miraculously, it hadn't been that bad. A group of pissed-off looking adults stood in one corner scheming, but the rest of them were at least polite. It was growing tedious to explain why she thought magical children should learn to use basic technology such as cell phones and computers. The older classes were going at a faster rate, as she felt they were behind in their studies, and the younger years were starting from scratch. She hoped she had time.

Cassandra found Chase Harlow on her self-designated "break" from schmoozing, walking the perimeter of the room with Jael in silence. She saw him just long enough to cringe visibly at his fiance, and walk over, waving to Austin.

"Hi," she told Chase, a mild smile on her face, "I'm Cassandra Locke, Austin's Muggle Studies professor." She held out her hand, slightly worried that Chase might see this as more of a blind date, and less of a serious conversation about Austin in his family. "I've been wanting to talk to you," she added.

  • Here at lastChase and Austin Harlow and Penny Price, Mon Jul 19 8:11am
    Chase Harlow and Penelope Price walked into Backwoods Court, her arms encasing one of his so it showed off the massive but ugly diamond engagement ring. She was smiling broadly and made eye contact... more
    • I was hoping to find you. — Cassandra Locke and Jael Grace, Tue Jul 20 12:08am
      • Then today's your lucky dayChase and Austin Harlow, Tue Jul 20 10:19am
        Austin saw Professor Locke first and smiled at her. He returned her wave and tapped Chase on the arm to get his attention. Chase turned just as the pair reached him and Austin. His expression was... more
        • Well, I don't know about thatCassandra, Tue Jul 20 10:08pm
          She was glad he was calling her Professor Locke. She had plenty of ideas about what Austin had probably told Chase, but was perfectly happy so sacrifice professional image for an improved... more
          • Well aren't you a ray of sunshineChase and Austin Harlow, Wed Jul 21 9:36am
            Austin mouth flew open when Professor Locke spoke her last sentence. He did not say that! The problem was the person invading his home. He looked up at Chase to say this but his mouth snapped shut... more
            • Don't shoot the messengerCassandra, Wed Jul 21 11:10am
              The exchange was painful, but it could have been worse. Cassandra, who had no problem with people calling her a liar, felt torn that Austin's brother was suggesting he send him off. That was a cruel, ... more
              • Then don't use oneChase Harlow, Thu Jul 22 11:05pm
                Chase sighed heavily when Locke had finished making her speech. This woman was trying to turn this into something more than it was. Sure, she was right about Penny trying to make Austin unwelcome but ... more
                • A little too late for thatCassandra, Sat Jul 24 3:45pm
                  It was a marvelous talent. Few people could get themselves into such trouble by the size of their own mouths as Cassandra. Her entire life had been a string of incidences such as this one, when... more
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