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Chase and Austin Harlow
Well aren't you a ray of sunshine
Wed Jul 21, 2010 9:36am

Austin mouth flew open when Professor Locke spoke her last sentence. He did not say that! The problem was the person invading his home. He looked up at Chase to say this but his mouth snapped shut again when he saw the look on his brother's face. The smile had been replaced by a tight line and his eyes had lost their twinkle.

'Oh really?' Chase asked as he looked down at Austin. 'You're unhappy at home? Well, why didn't you say something? I'll be happy to send you back to Grandmother's,'

'No!' Austin finally cried out. 'I didn't say any of that!'

'So you're calling Professor Locke a liar?' Chase asked. Austin's mouth opened and closed a few times.

'It's Penny's fault! She wanted me to stay at school for Christmas,' he protested. 'I kinda changed it to read summer vacation to make it look more dramatic. I just asked them if they wanted to...' he trailed off, looking between Chase and Professor Locke with wide eyes.

'Go on a date with me,' Chase finished for Austin, flashing a smile at Cassandra, but put on the serious face when Austin looked back at him. But a frown soon replaced it. ‘Wait, did you say Penny asked you to stay here for Christmas?’ Austin nodded.

‘She wanted me to make out it was my idea,’ Austin said quietly. Chase hadn’t known this. His harsh expression eased.

'Go and get some drinks. Go!' Chase told Austin, adding the second 'go' when the kid looked like he was going to protest. Austin made his way through the crowd looking unhappy. Chase turned to Cassandra. ‘I’m sorry, but I think you’ve misunderstood Austin. I got engaged a few months back and he doesn’t like her. That’s it, plain and simple. But it’s not affecting his home life. He is my first priority and me marrying Penny isn’t going to change that. He’s just acting up like quite a few kids do when they get a step parent they don’t like. But I didn’t know she’d wrote him. I’ll talk to her and sort it out. It’s not her place and I wouldn’t have let it happen anyway,’ he said as he looked through the crowd to find Penny. His eyes locked with hers as she was heading back his way. She stopped dead when she saw the look he was wearing and quickly spun on her heel, practically running in the opposite direction. He sighed heavily as she went for she knew that he knew what she had been up to.

  • Well, I don't know about thatCassandra, Tue Jul 20 10:08pm
    She was glad he was calling her Professor Locke. She had plenty of ideas about what Austin had probably told Chase, but was perfectly happy so sacrifice professional image for an improved... more
    • Well aren't you a ray of sunshine — Chase and Austin Harlow, Wed Jul 21 9:36am
      • Don't shoot the messengerCassandra, Wed Jul 21 11:10am
        The exchange was painful, but it could have been worse. Cassandra, who had no problem with people calling her a liar, felt torn that Austin's brother was suggesting he send him off. That was a cruel, ... more
        • Then don't use oneChase Harlow, Thu Jul 22 11:05pm
          Chase sighed heavily when Locke had finished making her speech. This woman was trying to turn this into something more than it was. Sure, she was right about Penny trying to make Austin unwelcome but ... more
          • A little too late for thatCassandra, Sat Jul 24 3:45pm
            It was a marvelous talent. Few people could get themselves into such trouble by the size of their own mouths as Cassandra. Her entire life had been a string of incidences such as this one, when... more
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