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We'd love to stay
Wed Jul 21, 2010 10:56am

"Excellent," Cosar beamed, barely able to keep a normal-sounding voice, much less put on an accent. He looped his arm into Arlis's, beginning to walk her around the edge of the Court, a great escape only seconds away.

He could have sworn he caught Willow Clay giving him a sidelong glance, but ignored it, moving on. She wouldn't make trouble for him.

Cosar gasped when Arlis touched his goatee, protesting, "This is my authentic disguise! Just for you." Yes, he had grown it just for Arlis and this whole charade they had here. Still, his vanity had taken over from there. He'd spent a great amount of cumulative time looking at himself in the mirror with the new attachment.

The most important thing at present, however, was Arlis and the news she most certainly had. "Talk. Now," he begged, looking around the room, wanting to spot out first the girls Arlis wanted. "Which new girls do you want? How's Kim? News, Arlis!" he insisted.

  • Yes Papa dear?Perfect Daughter, Sun Jul 18 10:06pm
    She was giddy. Excited that it was parents night. At first she had been dreading it, until their brilliant plan anyway. It had been a joke at first. She'd sent him a letter and he'd responded and it... more
    • We'd love to stay — Cosar, Wed Jul 21 10:56am
      • You're a pretty snappy liar.Arlis , Thu Jul 22 1:25am
        She felt like she belonged in some sort of Jane Austen novel, the way they were walking around the hall. She wanted a bustle. And her hair in curls, and a book in her other arm. Or Cosar. She held... more
        • I'm snappy. Yeah!Cosar, Sat Jul 24 1:17pm
          He was incredibly flattered that Arlis thought he looked 'very European.' His family had mostly just teased him about running around Europe for fun for a year on an intern's salary, but he felt like... more
          • Snappy all 'round! Arlis, Tue Jul 27 11:11pm
            She felt a little bit disappointed when he didn't mention anything about Gilly, and for a moment she thought he might not like him. Is that what it was? If so, why was he not pointing out things... more
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