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Don't shoot the messenger
Wed Jul 21, 2010 11:10am

The exchange was painful, but it could have been worse. Cassandra, who had no problem with people calling her a liar, felt torn that Austin's brother was suggesting he send him off. That was a cruel, terrible threat to give a child, and Cassandra found herself siding with Austin as soon as the words left Chase's mouth.

She bit her tongue as long as possible until Austin was gone. Then, as soon as Chase was finished giving his own version, Cassandra opened her mouth, hands at her sides.

"My main concern was that your fiance made Austin feel as though he was not welcome in the place he lived," she explained. "Mr. Harlow, I would beg you to refrain from threatening him with what he's obviously terrified of!"

Devon would probably have something to say about this confrontation later. Cassandra sighed.

"He loves you. What struck me most was the fact that he was looking for other candidates to make you happy. He believed that Penny didn't make you as happy as you deserved. It's a really startlingly adult outlook on the situation, Mr. Harlow. Most kids wouldn't want to share their brother. He's more than willing, but he's scared that this relationship is hurting both of you." She tugged a dread out of a particularly tight spot in her ponytail, then shook her head at him. No, there he was wrong. "There is nothing normal about this situation."

A kid with Austin's insight, and the father really a brother - "Talking is hard," she suggested in the end, "But I bet it would really help Austin if you'd just sit down and calmly talk to him. Without the threats."

  • Well aren't you a ray of sunshineChase and Austin Harlow, Wed Jul 21 9:36am
    Austin mouth flew open when Professor Locke spoke her last sentence. He did not say that! The problem was the person invading his home. He looked up at Chase to say this but his mouth snapped shut... more
    • Don't shoot the messenger — Cassandra, Wed Jul 21 11:10am
      • Then don't use oneChase Harlow, Thu Jul 22 11:05pm
        Chase sighed heavily when Locke had finished making her speech. This woman was trying to turn this into something more than it was. Sure, she was right about Penny trying to make Austin unwelcome but ... more
        • A little too late for thatCassandra, Sat Jul 24 3:45pm
          It was a marvelous talent. Few people could get themselves into such trouble by the size of their own mouths as Cassandra. Her entire life had been a string of incidences such as this one, when... more
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