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Ophelia and Family
There's always me!
Thu Jul 22, 2010 5:34pm

Joseph Felder was in a grumbly mood upon arriving at his middle daughter's school. Again, he wondered why on earth they had decided to send her to school in America, instead of back home in England. There was a perfectly good school in Exeter she could have gone to. Really, he blamed his brother for all of this. If he hadn't sent his children to this school in the first place, it would not have crossed his eccentric wife's mind to allow Ophelia to attend there at all.
He'd made his frustrations known to his wife, and was making them now through the scowl on his face as they walked through the cold into the school. Though, his wife on his arm -- short grey hair wound up in a shawl, her best clothes on -- always got what she wanted. Dahlia spoiled her children far too much for their own good.

"The air here is very... brisk." Dahlia's voice sounded amused as she entered the main entrance to the school and looked around. There were parents everywhere, and students. She didn't know which ones were the teachers... they all looked fairly young to her.

"Bloody freezing. Ophelia," He placed a hand on his daughter's shoulder and steered her forward. "Lead the way. Let's get this over with. Your mother and I have a social engagement when we get back to Exeter."

"But I wanted to show you my dormitory."

"Nevermind. We'll see it another year."

Ophelia turned back around and started into the crowd, hesitantly lingering around groups. She didn't know who her parents wanted to speak to. In the end she decided to head over toward Abigail. A friend, anyway, would make her parents happy.

She waved at Abigail as she started over, her parents speaking behind her.

"We can't just pop in and see her room? I'm sure we can miss the first part. Speeches and all. So dull anyway."

"I'm not going to be late to our engagement just to see Ophelia's bedroom here. I'm sure it looks like the same mess as it is back home."

Ophelia quickened her pace, stopping breathlessly in front of Abigail, who appeared to have not noticed her waving. "Hi!" She smiled at the other girl and then smiled up at her parents. They looked nice enough. She felt her parents stop behind her.

"Are you a friend of Lia's?" Her mother smiled down at the young girl and then turned to her parents. "I'm Dahlia Felder... my husband Joseph." She held out a dainty but strong hand. There was a rather big age gap between Dahlia and her husband.

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