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The Greenes
How could I forget?
Thu Jul 22, 2010 6:17pm

Abby was so taken off guard with her dad's arm around her shoulder and her mom asking her to point out which scale belonged to which house that she didn't have time to even roll her eyes as Ophelia joined them. Instead, her eyes were wide and her mouth was parted. The woman (obviously Ophelia's mom, with that sort of obnoxiously overdramatic costuming) asked if she was Ophelia's friend.

"Uh," was all she could come up with. Besides the fact that you couldn't just tell an adult that you despised their kid, Ophelia looked almost desperate. She wasn't acting either. Abby was convinced that for all her talk about Broadway and her mom being famous, Ophelia couldn't act for anything. This was sincere.

"Sabrina Greene," her mother stepped in for her. Abby looked up as she reached out to take the other hand being extended.

"Keith," her dad took his turn. They had friendly smiles. She wished she could make sure they knew she would never be so desperate as to have Ophelia as a close friend. Hopefully they knew her well enough to know.

"Are you in Quense as well?" Sabrina asked Ophelia.

"No," Abby blurted out, then blushed at the fact that she'd scoffed more than she'd meant to. "She's in Ninth. We just have some classes together," she corrected herself.

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    • How could I forget? — The Greenes, Thu Jul 22 6:17pm
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