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Ophelia and them other folk.
I am no clue. It's pretty hard.
Thu Jul 22, 2010 6:30pm

Ophelia watched as her parents took turn shaking hands with Abby's family, smiling as she did so, but feeling rather antsy for reasons unknown to herself. Her mother looked pleasant enough, but her father had his usual hard look about him. She had come to believe it just wasn't in Joseph's nature to smile unless he was [i]really[/i] trying to impress someone. Even she knew that, but her Mum said it wasn't his fault.
Her sister said it was because he was 'bitter'.

But in Ophelia's mind that didn't give him a good enough excuse to be a sourpuss.

Ophelia opened up her mouth to answer Sabrina when Abby cut her to it. She shut her mouth with a snap and nodded, looking closely at the other girl before the smile came out again and she looked up at the grownups.

"Abby and I have hung out a few times." Well, there was the party, and the time at breakfast, and a few other times. That was 'hanging out' wasn't it?

"Oh, I have a nephew who was in Quesne, and two that were in Ninth." Dahlia smiled down at Abigail. "Quesne is supposed to be the fun house isn't it? From what I hear."

Ophelia frowned. "Ninth is for the artistic people."

Her father scoffed. "I wouldn't call your cousin Lynn particularly artistic." He placed his hands in the pockets of his dress pants and turned to Keith. "What made you choose this school? I've been trying to tell my wife that this school is... unorthodox."

"Unorthodox is the best way to go."

Ophelia found herself staring at Abby, unsure what to do.

  • How could I forget?The Greenes, Thu Jul 22 6:17pm
    Abby was so taken off guard with her dad's arm around her shoulder and her mom asking her to point out which scale belonged to which house that she didn't have time to even roll her eyes as Ophelia... more
    • I am no clue. It's pretty hard. — Ophelia and them other folk., Thu Jul 22 6:30pm
      • We gotta get you some real friendsThe Greenes, Thu Jul 22 6:48pm
        "I wouldn't call it exactly that," Sabrina said, looking at her husband. "My brother recommended it. We liked the philosophy on education," he answered simply. There were many reasons, the blood... more
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