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The Greenes
We gotta get you some real friends
Thu Jul 22, 2010 6:48pm

"I wouldn't call it exactly that," Sabrina said, looking at her husband.

"My brother recommended it. We liked the philosophy on education," he answered simply. There were many reasons, the blood debate being one of them. He at least wanted his children around a school where there were a fair amount of people defended muggle rights. He knew better than anyone that you wouldn't find an entire school of that, but this one was pretty good.

"I went to school in South Carolina and Keith went to one in Las Vegas," Sabrina explained. "There were harsh views down south and Las Vegas privatized a few years back."

Abby was starting to recover from her surprise. At least she didn't really have to talk to Ophelia. In fact, Ophelia was doing a lot less talking than normal around the adults. Yeah. She could handle this kind of Ophelia. At least for a few minutes. "Dad taught here," she said proudly.

Keith's smile faltered a little. He wasn't really wanting to share that here because is took too much explaining to why he didn't remember teaching here. Or why he stopped teaching here. The details were fuzzy even to those who had them. "Yes, well that was a long time ago," he said, pulling Abby close to him. "Now I keep up a Quidditch store."

"You both sound like you're from England," Sabrina said. "I spent about a month there studying art."

  • I am no clue. It's pretty hard. Ophelia and them other folk., Thu Jul 22 6:30pm
    Ophelia watched as her parents took turn shaking hands with Abby's family, smiling as she did so, but feeling rather antsy for reasons unknown to herself. Her mother looked pleasant enough, but her... more
    • We gotta get you some real friends — The Greenes, Thu Jul 22 6:48pm
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