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Chase Harlow
Then don't use one
Thu Jul 22, 2010 11:05pm

Chase sighed heavily when Locke had finished making her speech. This woman was trying to turn this into something more than it was. Sure, she was right about Penny trying to make Austin unwelcome but the kid knew Chase would never had let that happen. The kid knew he was Chase’s first priority.

‘I wasn’t threatening him. I’m sorry if it appeared that way but that’s the way we are,’ Chase said with a calm voice. ‘He’s been in my care now for five years, four of which we spent 24/7 together. We’ve been though more then you could imagine. And you would probably see that if you talked to him. And I mean really talked to him. Not just entertain his ideas on how to get rid of Penny.

‘But I’ll talk to Austin. I’ll make him see he’s what matters to me. And then I’ll talk to Penny. You’re right, talking is hard. But not for the reason you think. There are just some things you can’t tell a twelve year old. There are some things nobody should know,’ he said, turning to look at the floor. A dark expression crossed his face but he mentally shook it away and turned back to Locke with a small smile. ‘Now, can I do this on my own or to you want to stick your nose into our business further?’

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    • Then don't use one — Chase Harlow, Thu Jul 22 11:05pm
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