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I'm snappy. Yeah!
Sat Jul 24, 2010 1:17pm

He was incredibly flattered that Arlis thought he looked 'very European.' His family had mostly just teased him about running around Europe for fun for a year on an intern's salary, but he felt like it was the most fabulous life he'd ever lived. Aside from being roomies with Arlis, of course.

Cosar waved a hand at the thought of Abigail Greene. "Forget her," he suggested. If she wasn't interested, that was all he needed to know. She practically didn't exist.

"Gilly?" Cosar's head shot up. He felt a stab of strange, disagreeable feeling. Gilly, a boy. A cutie. Obviously a good choice for the Robeless, but why couldn't some other leader let him in? Why Arlis? Cosar was the only boy to ever be a part of the group, it was his sole claim to fame (as well as being possibly the most ruthless leader to date). He wanted Arlis to pick out girls, not a replacement for him.

He tried to change the subject as quickly as possible. "You still have to tell me everything," he insisted, "About your new toy Dan."

  • You're a pretty snappy liar.Arlis , Thu Jul 22 1:25am
    She felt like she belonged in some sort of Jane Austen novel, the way they were walking around the hall. She wanted a bustle. And her hair in curls, and a book in her other arm. Or Cosar. She held... more
    • I'm snappy. Yeah! — Cosar, Sat Jul 24 1:17pm
      • Snappy all 'round! Arlis, Tue Jul 27 11:11pm
        She felt a little bit disappointed when he didn't mention anything about Gilly, and for a moment she thought he might not like him. Is that what it was? If so, why was he not pointing out things... more
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