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Headmaster Grace
A Meeting with Kim Baden.
Sun Jul 25, 2010 7:53pm

Headmaster Grace had sent out the owl requesting Kim Baden's attendance in his office at exactly noon, which gave her a half-hour to eat and then report to his office. He was bent in his office at his desk, hunched over her student profile, studying it and - of course - later preparing to write in it. Events such as this needed to be documented, and should Professor Michaelson end up terminated and imprisoned, Devon would at least like to have record of his own knowledge of the situation, should anyone question his attentiveness.

He reviewed the facts. Kim Baden had been contacted by the American Bureau of Enrollment in Magical Education Institutions (ABEMEI) approximately a year and a half ago, in late July of the previous year. Devon had been aware of her situation, and had been prepared to authorize an early summer stay for her, but after responding to the owl, Kim had left her home and moved into the school without any further invitation. Devon had spoken to her briefly, at the beginning of enrollment, and a consequent time during which they discussed her preferred holiday residence. She opted to fully take on the school as her permanent home, and Devon had given her clearance for holiday stays.

Miss Baden was a bright, dark-haired girl with an apparent knack for avoiding the truth. Almost as though they'd known Devon would mourn over marriage, the Robeless had taken on Kim Baden as their newest member. She partied with Cosar Rome and Arlis Batrice, roomed with first Willow, then Arlis, and had allegedly punched Emma Westbrook in the eye during an Ancient Runes class.

This had resulted in the consequent famous meeting with Michaelson, and the eventual detention, all of which Devon had records of. But what grated at him was that even Jael had known more than he had about what Kim looked like after she left Michaelson's office.

He checked the clock. It was five to noon.

    • Um, I plead guilty?Kim Baden, Sun Jul 25 11:27pm
      Kim stepped through Headmaster Grace's door a little unsure. She had talked to him before. He was a little weird-looking, like a well-dressed junkie, and he was always drinking wine, which she... more
      • That's a good start!Headmaster Grace, Mon Jul 26 12:01am
        Headmaster Grace looked up as Kim came through the door, and stood there in silence. For a girl who couldn't seem to control using her vivid imagination through her tongue at every chance she got,... more
        • Uh-oh.Kim, Mon Jul 26 12:15am
          She smiled back at Headmaster Grace, a small, hesitant kind of smile. No wine today, it looked like. She moved to the chair, and took a seat. More than anything she was worried that he thought she... more
          • Meh, only a minor felonyHeadmaster Grace, Mon Jul 26 11:21am
            She smiled. Good. A hopeful start. Headmaster Grace gave Kim a small smile back, and allowed her to take a seat in front of his desk. What surprised him was when Kim swore, She's a real bitch , after ... more
            • Whew!Kim, Mon Jul 26 3:00pm
              Obviously Emma Westbrook didn't have friends in the high places she thought she did. Kim planned to stay away from her for the most part from now on, but keep her in line all the same if she'd try... more
              • I know, you got let offHead Grace, Mon Jul 26 7:28pm
                Kim's answers were less satisfactory than her first one, but Devon was happy to have gotten that much. She looked a little confused after the last question, as though there could have been several... more
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