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Head Grace
I know, you got let off
Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:28pm

Kim's answers were less satisfactory than her first one, but Devon was happy to have gotten that much. She looked a little confused after the last question, as though there could have been several correct answers, but he supposed that that was his least important question. Rand had not been kind to her, but he had not threatened her, and he hadn't said anything after the books fell on her.

Now, the main issue was talking to Rand.

"Thank you for explaining it to me," he assured Kim.

Kim stiffened suddenly, and Devon peered over the desk to see what had startled her. Ah. Mina. The cat was walking by her legs, just barely leaning up against them, and then, with a determined, pointy look, she hopped up into Kim's lap and settled down for a nap. Mina was an old black cat on her last leg, small for a housecat but aloof as any other. "Mina," Devon explained, "My cat. She won't bite."

He was finished questioning Kim, but wanted her to be the one to make the decision to leave. An old trick, meant to make her feel as though they were on equal footing. He set the time they met, and she could set the time they'd part.

  • Whew!Kim, Mon Jul 26 3:00pm
    Obviously Emma Westbrook didn't have friends in the high places she thought she did. Kim planned to stay away from her for the most part from now on, but keep her in line all the same if she'd try... more
    • I know, you got let off — Head Grace, Mon Jul 26 7:28pm
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