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We are Golden
Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:21pm

Eve wasn’t certain who would be staying at the school over the break, so she went the safer route and made a bunch of generic Christmas cards, planning on discreetly filling in something nice and sweet inside the card when she came across one of the staff. When Sarah walked in, Eve ran her hand slowly across her pocket, where she kept a fair amount of cards stored, using her wandless magic to place something short and personal inside the topmost one.

Grinning happily at Sarah, and taking the gift graciously, Eve handed Sarah a pretty, golden card. “Merry Christmas to you,” she chirped back, slowly unwrapping the gift and letting out a happy sigh when she discovered the chocolates. Most of her stash had gone to quiet evenings with Jael Grace, and Eve kept forgetting to stop by the shop in Lockstone that carried the best chocolates. “Thank you,” Eve said genuinely, feeling somewhat awkward having only gotten Sarah the card.

“How’ve you been?” Eve asked, trying to push the small guilt from her mind just as she absently dodged an owl zooming by her head. After years in the school, it was second nature to dodge flying objects. Looking over at the green-haired boy—Howl Saltzman, she believed he was called—she waved off his apology, “No worries, Mr. Saltzman.” Then, she turned back to Sarah.

“Students have been keeping you busy this term, from what I hear,” Eve went on.

  • I'm dreaming of a Green oneSarah Mason, Mon Jul 26 6:29pm
    Sarah had managed to go home for a dinner the week before Christmas. The idea to create a summoning object for herself came from the Muggle world as well as something Devon had created for Cassie. A... more
    • We are GoldenWinchester, Tue Jul 27 9:21pm
      • Let's just avoid being BlueSarah, Tue Jul 27 9:56pm
        Sarah opened the card, smiling and saying a little thank you. She was in a great mood tonight. Maybe she'd have to stay away from more family holidays. Really, she should feel guilty, but she just... more
        • Nothing quite as cheery as pinkWinchester, Wed Jul 28 12:27pm
          “Yeah, this year seems to be one of the worst we’ve had in a while,” Eve noted, picking around her turkey, mixing a small slice with some cranberry sauce. She made sure to keep the conversation in... more
          • Or happy as OrangeSarah, Wed Jul 28 6:51pm
            She kept a smile as Eve explained the arrangement, amazed that she managed to stay so distant from the disdain that Devon displayed so clearly. She found it entertaining, but managed to keep a... more
            • Oh, pukeWinchester, Thu Jul 29 11:23am
              Eve grinned a little uncomfortably, biting her tongue from explaining her messed up family to Sarah and the fact that not even London made the experience bearable. She didn’t say anything until Sarah ... more
              • A horse of a different colorSarah, Thu Jul 29 1:44pm
                The way she replied made Sarah almost laugh, but she kept a straight face, nodding at Eve's answer. "Sometimes that's good," she said. She ate her dinner, looking down towards the Headmaster. She... more
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