Snappy all 'round!
Tue Jul 27, 2010 11:11pm

She felt a little bit disappointed when he didn't mention anything about Gilly, and for a moment she thought he might not like him. Is that what it was? If so, why was he not pointing out things about the kid he didn't like. That's what Cosar would do right? Point out Gillius' flaws if he didn't like him.
Instead she received silence. Something that didn't have very often.

But then he moved onto a topic she loved to talk about with him and all was forgotten.

"Oh my gosh, it's going fantastic!" She held out her hand in front of them, twisting her wrist to and fro to show him the bracelet there. Delicate, intricate little thing. He had given it to her when they met up, and she had been estatic, faking modesty when she received it.

"Really? Oh my gosh." She had gushed over it, "You really shouldn't have! I adore it!

"He gave me this! It's an family heirloom." She was such a liar, but she liked this lie best. She had thought it up the other day. "He absolutely adores me, already, I can tell. He's drop dead gorgeous, which makes it possible to ignore that he's a politician."
She would much rather date an actor, but one couldn't always be so choosy.

"Some of those guys in those pictures you send me look stunning." She turned a very cheeky smile on him. "Are they as great as they look?" In bed.

  • I'm snappy. Yeah!Cosar, Sat Jul 24 1:17pm
    He was incredibly flattered that Arlis thought he looked 'very European.' His family had mostly just teased him about running around Europe for fun for a year on an intern's salary, but he felt like... more
    • Snappy all 'round! — Arlis, Tue Jul 27 11:11pm
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