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Or happy as Orange
Wed Jul 28, 2010 6:51pm

She kept a smile as Eve explained the arrangement, amazed that she managed to stay so distant from the disdain that Devon displayed so clearly. She found it entertaining, but managed to keep a straight face through it.

Sarah was also glad she wasn't the only one avoiding a family event. She was a newcomer to the practice. Maybe she could get Eve to give her some pointers one day. She could make it rather convenient to just go to holidays hosted at Rose's house. That might work just fine.

"Oh Europe! I've always wanted to go," she said, taking a drink of her pumpkin juice. "It must be worth putting up with anything to be in London. Even I'd put up with all the blind dates my mom and her friends feel so inclined to set me up on if I could go on them in London." Perhaps she shouldn't speak too soon. If her mother found out more about portkeys she might just get ideas. And ideas and her mother meant no good for her.

"So what traditions have you formed here then?" she asked, deciding that was probably a good topic to avoid. "Glass of wine beneath the mistletoe?" She gave a raise of her eyebrows, wondering how far Eve would take her suggesting her and the Headmaster getting along.

  • Nothing quite as cheery as pinkWinchester, Wed Jul 28 12:27pm
    “Yeah, this year seems to be one of the worst we’ve had in a while,” Eve noted, picking around her turkey, mixing a small slice with some cranberry sauce. She made sure to keep the conversation in... more
    • Or happy as OrangeSarah, Wed Jul 28 6:51pm
      • Oh, pukeWinchester, Thu Jul 29 11:23am
        Eve grinned a little uncomfortably, biting her tongue from explaining her messed up family to Sarah and the fact that not even London made the experience bearable. She didn’t say anything until Sarah ... more
        • A horse of a different colorSarah, Thu Jul 29 1:44pm
          The way she replied made Sarah almost laugh, but she kept a straight face, nodding at Eve's answer. "Sometimes that's good," she said. She ate her dinner, looking down towards the Headmaster. She... more
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