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Oh, puke
Thu Jul 29, 2010 11:23am

Eve grinned a little uncomfortably, biting her tongue from explaining her messed up family to Sarah and the fact that not even London made the experience bearable. She didn’t say anything until Sarah finished explaining the fact that her mother favored setting Sarah up with blind dates. Eve’s mind quickly recalled her own disastrous attempt at setting Cassie up with Dante Dirisio. Her thoughts on that, Eve instinctively looked over at Devon with hard eyes; he had yet to actually physically get her back at doing that to the level-headed red-head, but that made Eve all the more suspicious. Devon had been livid at Parents Night when she told him about it, and looked ready to murder her on the spot, if only the parents weren’t actually there among them. But, she was certain something was coming.

“Mothers always worry too much over their daughters’ love lives,” Eve empathized, pulling her eyes back to Sarah. “I think mine has given up on me.” She couldn’t help but grin, thinking briefly about Rand, and then turning slightly red in embarrassment, even thought Sarah obviously couldn’t read her thoughts. Eve shoved a bite into her mouth, and then promptly choked on it at Sarah’s insinuation about her and Devon.

There was never a more disgusting . . .

Taking a drink of her wine to clear her throat, Eve panicked at the glass’ sight and promptly set it back down clumsily, far away from her. “N-no,” she replied, scandalized. Quickly calming back down, knowing Sarah’s suggestion had been at most innocent teasing, Eve forced herself to laugh, but couldn’t help staring hotly at Devon. Bastard, she cursed at him silently. “I don’t know about him, but I mostly kept to myself,” she responded cheerfully to Sarah.

  • Or happy as OrangeSarah, Wed Jul 28 6:51pm
    She kept a smile as Eve explained the arrangement, amazed that she managed to stay so distant from the disdain that Devon displayed so clearly. She found it entertaining, but managed to keep a... more
    • Oh, pukeWinchester, Thu Jul 29 11:23am
      • A horse of a different colorSarah, Thu Jul 29 1:44pm
        The way she replied made Sarah almost laugh, but she kept a straight face, nodding at Eve's answer. "Sometimes that's good," she said. She ate her dinner, looking down towards the Headmaster. She... more
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