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A horse of a different color
Thu Jul 29, 2010 1:44pm

The way she replied made Sarah almost laugh, but she kept a straight face, nodding at Eve's answer. "Sometimes that's good," she said.

She ate her dinner, looking down towards the Headmaster. She wondered why the two didn't get along. She wasn't about to ask, of course. Especially if Eve wanted to keep up the pretense of working well together, that was fine. Sarah didn't often think of the two as one unit anyways. Even in her childhood, they had been separate both in her mind and in her life. There was one incident she could remember where both were involved. One with Isaac. Not a terrible one, compared to most with him.

"What about the New Year?" Sarah asked. "I've been thinking it might be fun to go into the Muggle city for drinks that night. Just a couple," she added. She didn't want to seem irresponsible. She couldn't exactly get drunk when she had kids to care for at any given moment of the day.

  • Oh, pukeWinchester, Thu Jul 29 11:23am
    Eve grinned a little uncomfortably, biting her tongue from explaining her messed up family to Sarah and the fact that not even London made the experience bearable. She didnít say anything until Sarah ... more
    • A horse of a different colorSarah, Thu Jul 29 1:44pm
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