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Thu Jul 29, 2010 9:17pm

"Oh," Kim nodded. She grinned a little, sipping from her pumpkin juice. "We just call people pricks and ...ers-" she stopped. The one time she'd word-vomited something true, and it sounded scary as shit. "Sorry," she apologized, with another little grin.

"Cool," she nodded. That they all had the same parents. She was an only child, at least as far as she knew. It had just always been her and Dana.

She laughed a little, remembering something funny that had happened earlier today. "Professor Michaelson got me lots of candy for Christmas," she said, "'Cause everyone thought he beat me up." It wasn't a bad move, really. Have everyone think you get beaten up, then get lots of candy. "There was one cookie the size of my head!"

  • The owl was a midge bit stupid though.Howl, Tue Jul 27 1:16pm
    Howl nodded, he wasn't very convinced, but decided to just go along with what Kim was saying. For now anyway. "Spooner?" Howl laughed a bit. He'd sort of forgotten that he wasn't at home, that he was ... more
    • Midge? — Kim, Thu Jul 29 9:17pm
      • Tiny :DHowl, Fri Jul 30 8:04am
        Howl grinned, "It's fine." He didn't bother to mention some of the other ones he knew. Most of them were incredibly offensive or racist or just extremely rude. Howl laughed. He'd heard about all the... more
        • Ooooh. Do another one!Kim, Sat Jul 31 2:40pm
          "Yeah," Kim agreed, with a grin. She would have to show him later, and share the wealth. Something about the savvy Howl didn't let others see, and the way he wore the clothes he wore made her pretty... more
          • Howl laughed with Kim. He knew what she meant; because he knew several loud and annoying little children. Nat's friends always came over from playschool and somehow he always ended up pinned to the... more
            • Is it like talking dirty?Kim, Sat Jul 31 6:03pm
              Before she realized it, she felt a nudge at her foot. Kim jumped, and looked down to find Eggs looking at her. Walking closer. Oh god, that thing was creepy as hell. Kim lifted her legs up and tucked ... more
              • No :') it's just a weird way of speaking.Howl, Sat Jul 31 6:29pm
                Howl shrugged and watched as Eggs walked out of the room, "I think she did. Obviously got sick of Psycho Puss." he said, nodded his head in the direction of the retreating cat. At first it had been... more
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