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Willow Clay
Getting them back...
Sun Sep 12, 2010 4:36pm

She'd done this sort of thing before in her sleep, it would be easy.
Only now, Willow knew what she was doing, and this would be where everybody could see it. Good.
Right now, she couldn't care less about how much trouble she would get into.

Willow pulled out one of her marker pens and got to work. It was early morning, and not many people were up yet. The people who were up came and watched. She copied the drawing she'd done in her sleep, and started by scribbling the map of the school onto the wall, Backwoods Court and all, and then drawing the army of Robeless "clones".

Then, last but not least, she labelled the drawing: "JOIN THE ROBELESS IF YOU EITHER BITCHY, VOID OF PERSONALITY OR COMPLETELY STUPID." she knew it wasn't a very good insult, but was the best she could do on such short notice. Willow pulled out her wand and did a charm that would make the ink glow, and then walked away.

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