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Elise Wilson
Sun Sep 12, 2010 8:25pm

Elise Wilson had been walking down from her Ahela dorm room, having gotten up extra early that morning to finish up some homework she had been neglecting for Ancient Runes in favor of reading up on Wagner’s childhood. She’d been getting more and more nagging letters from Rosie, her nanny, about her poor performance and participation in her classes; Rosie had even gone as far as threatening to take away Elise’s violin if she didn’t start shaping up.

Elise finished up a paper quickly enough, not caring much whether or not her points made much sense; she just got some new music from her parents to listen to, and she wanted to have ample time during her breakfast to enjoy it.

Although Elise hadn’t been the most observant person, for she was one of those odd children far too obsessed with her own hobby to care much about the goings-on surrounding her. However, there were a few things amiss that morning that couldn’t escape even her attention. Approaching Backwood’s Court, Elise watched an older girl—Willow, she recalled—just put the finishing touches of an offensive picture on the wall. Curiously, Elise watched the girl walk away, inspected the picture, and then turned to the person next to her and say conversationally, “Strange. I noticed Damon Clay with black ink pouring from his mouth, too.” Elise raised one eyebrow and looked back to the picture.

  • Getting them back...Willow Clay, Sun Sep 12 4:36pm
    She'd done this sort of thing before in her sleep, it would be easy. Only now, Willow knew what she was doing, and this would be where everybody could see it. Good. Right now, she couldn't care less... more
    • Gossip — Elise Wilson, Sun Sep 12 8:25pm
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