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Headmaster Devon T. Grace
Bulletin: New Riddle Posted
Mon Sep 13, 2010 10:56am

Headmaster Grace and Deputy Headmistress Winchester had been near tears in piecing together another riddle. Even after a year of this, neither of them were any more poetic or clever, much to both of their incredible distaste. Devon, in particular, had been secretly hoping that he would find to his surprise and cocky modesty that he was a master poet. However, this was not the case. Eve had snapped at him that he couldn't have it all.

What a school year. Knife fights, fistfights, a Quidditch team on the rocks and (he shuddered to think so) love. The damn mural now in the Backwoods Court, that he hadn't yet hunted down Willow Clay to deal with, but planned to get on with it as soon as humanly possible. Really, he should just send Cassandra to deal with her. They both had the whole misunderstood-hippie problem.

He posted the riddle on the Bulletin board, pleased to know it was nearing the last of its kind. Then with a final glare at the mural, he walked away, and the riddle read:

when to remember one traverses back
the court inside the court glows black.

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