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Kim Baden
Blow the trumpets?
Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:28pm

It was breakfast in the Backwoods Court, and everyone was focusing on eating as fast as they could then getting to class. That happened on Mondays. And this weekend had been long, first with the party in Quesne then the rendez-vous in the Cerise. The anti-Robeless slogan still hung in the Backwoods Court like a warning, but Kim didn't give a shit.

She had dressed in her usual clothes, but worn more eyeliner than usual. Cosar and Arlis had looked at her like she was amazing when she did this, and it made her want to make it bigger. More. So the dark eyeshadow had come, and today a new addition arose. Dark red lipstick, from Arlis's makeup bag. It made a stark impression against her black and white striped beater and black skinny jeans. And her shoes were brand spanking new.

The look gave her the feel of an attitude. She felt so confident since the weekend that even though her jaw still had traces of Willow's best hit, she discovered that even though there were a variety of seats in the crowded dining hall, she wanted to sit directly across the table from Abby Greene. Kim sat down awkwardly on the bench.

"Eggs and sausage," she told the plate, more reckless than brave. When they appeared she took the available meat knife in her hand, and poked at the sausage with it, slicing it into bites. She never even used a knife for eating. Not usually. But now she kept an eye on Abby with it in hand, holding it like people were supposed to hold knives. She managed to make eye contact with Abby and gazed a hard look at her, then lifted up the knife in a mock salute.

  • The end is coming!Abigail Greene, Mon Sep 20 8:15pm
    Abby had been thoroughly disappointed that she hadn't found a way to get the robeless into a heap of trouble for throwing a party at the Cerise. Her party had been fun. And not exclusive. And no one... more
    • Blow the trumpets? — Kim Baden, Mon Sep 20 11:28pm
      • No, just repentAbigail Greene, Tue Sep 21 12:17am
        Abby came out of her thoughts when someone sat across from her. Kim. She bit the inside of her cheeks and rolled her eyes. Kim was wearing red lipstick now? And what was with her makeup. Aunt Christy ... more
        • Kim was enjoying this. It was like a big fib, but this time she couldn’t lose. The lies were so close to the truth, they were easier to believe. She shrugged at Abby and sliced a piece of sausage... more
          • The devil's after me!!!Abby Greene, Tue Sep 21 10:48pm
            Now she was just being stupid. If she needed padded walls, she wouldn't have been released from the Mercy Wing. Unless, of course the adults didn't know that Kim was an absolute nut that needed to be ... more
            • Wussy. Arlis , Wed Sep 22 12:12am
              Arlis had been in her room studying. Yes... studying . She could hardly believe it herself. But it was necessary if she wanted to keep herself safe, and... well... if she wanted to proof to the... more
              • Be cool. Stay in school.Kim, Wed Sep 22 9:43pm
                Kim was honestly surprised by Abby's words, though she tried not to show it. Expelled? Who was going to expel her? What did she do? Like, actually, really do? She had fought back when Willow hit her, ... more
                • Is that what they tell you on the streets?Abigail and Derek, Wed Sep 22 10:30pm
                  Abby's eyes were narrowed and she was shocked into a bit of a jump with Arlis' voice. She was really smooth as silk, if completely wrong. "How about carrying around a weapon?" she countered as... more
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