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I'm getting excited for the fires of hell
Tue Sep 21, 2010 9:59am

Kim was enjoying this. It was like a big fib, but this time she couldn’t lose. The lies were so close to the truth, they were easier to believe. She shrugged at Abby and sliced a piece of sausage ruthlessly, acting like she hardly noticed it. “Nurse Mason says it could flare up again,” she said, “So I figure I’d better stay near you.”

She shifted in her seat, and scratched at her hair through the hood of her sweatshirt. “The nurse said I should keep close to walls and things, and stay in small rooms with soft objects, just in case. She was worried about the whole ‘slasher’ thing again, I guess. That’s why the soft objects. Then if I go psycho again the knife can just stab and stick-“ she made the motion of stabbing someone with her knife, in Abby’s direction, “Instead of another whole big deal.”

She looked up across the table and with an extreme, sudden, movement, lunged across the table and grabbed the salt that was near Abby’s elbow. She brought it back and quietly salted her eggs.

  • No, just repentAbigail Greene, Tue Sep 21 12:17am
    Abby came out of her thoughts when someone sat across from her. Kim. She bit the inside of her cheeks and rolled her eyes. Kim was wearing red lipstick now? And what was with her makeup. Aunt Christy ... more
    • I'm getting excited for the fires of hell — Kim, Tue Sep 21 9:59am
      • The devil's after me!!!Abby Greene, Tue Sep 21 10:48pm
        Now she was just being stupid. If she needed padded walls, she wouldn't have been released from the Mercy Wing. Unless, of course the adults didn't know that Kim was an absolute nut that needed to be ... more
        • Wussy. Arlis , Wed Sep 22 12:12am
          Arlis had been in her room studying. Yes... studying . She could hardly believe it herself. But it was necessary if she wanted to keep herself safe, and... well... if she wanted to proof to the... more
          • Be cool. Stay in school.Kim, Wed Sep 22 9:43pm
            Kim was honestly surprised by Abby's words, though she tried not to show it. Expelled? Who was going to expel her? What did she do? Like, actually, really do? She had fought back when Willow hit her, ... more
            • Is that what they tell you on the streets?Abigail and Derek, Wed Sep 22 10:30pm
              Abby's eyes were narrowed and she was shocked into a bit of a jump with Arlis' voice. She was really smooth as silk, if completely wrong. "How about carrying around a weapon?" she countered as... more
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