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Be cool. Stay in school.
Wed Sep 22, 2010 9:43pm

Kim was honestly surprised by Abby's words, though she tried not to show it. Expelled? Who was going to expel her? What did she do? Like, actually, really do? She had fought back when Willow hit her, been cursed . . . there was the incident with Howl, but that was one hit. One measly little hit, and all this drama. Was it the knife thing?

Grace hadn't seemed that mad about the knife. He had let her go, and given her sneakers, anyway.

The wanted pointed straight at her did make her a little bit nervous, though. Kim wasn't fantastic with her wand, though she was catching up a pace that apparently impressed everyone. Then, thankfully, Arlis came up just behind Abby and saved the day. Having a friend like Arlis really was an incredible asset. Arlis didn't care what was right or wrong, but she stuck out for the people who stuck out for her, which was definitely a kind of bond Kim could relate to. You didn't need a reason, just ties.

Kim sat perfectly still, staring at Abby like Eggs stares at people in the bathroom, until Arlis tapped her on the shoulder. Kim nearly turned red at the flattering defense. However, then something happened that she did not expect, right as she decided that if Abby tried to fight her, she ought to get the wand out of the way and just brawl it out.

  • Wussy. Arlis , Wed Sep 22 12:12am
    Arlis had been in her room studying. Yes... studying . She could hardly believe it herself. But it was necessary if she wanted to keep herself safe, and... well... if she wanted to proof to the... more
    • Be cool. Stay in school. — Kim, Wed Sep 22 9:43pm
      • Is that what they tell you on the streets?Abigail and Derek, Wed Sep 22 10:30pm
        Abby's eyes were narrowed and she was shocked into a bit of a jump with Arlis' voice. She was really smooth as silk, if completely wrong. "How about carrying around a weapon?" she countered as... more
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