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Abigail and Derek
Is that what they tell you on the streets?
Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:30pm

Abby's eyes were narrowed and she was shocked into a bit of a jump with Arlis' voice. She was really smooth as silk, if completely wrong. "How about carrying around a weapon?" she countered as snootily as she could to match Arlis' general attitude. Her wand was still on Kim.

Derek was sitting a few tables down, watching them. He hadn't had much to do with Abby. She came and chattered off Austin's ear once in a while. He'd also been with her on the Quidditch field from time to time. There wasn't much good in betting on her, but she seemed nice enough.

Then there was Kim. She'd been around the Robeless most of the year and the rest with Howl--that kid with the green hair. And they were arguing. He'd hardly heard about the knife incident. He'd stayed in and it wasn't until Austin showed up that Derek found out about the party, the knife, or Kim.

He stood up. Really he should just start taking bets. Favor on Abby if it came down to magic, Kim if it became physical. One could probably bet on how many minutes before Arlis was either out of their or down for the count one way or the other. Instead he came up to the group. His mother was brilliant at helping tension blow over. Derek, who'd been forced to parties since a young age, had been schooled in the art by example. "Hey," he said, coming up to the three of them. Abby stepped back moving her wand between all three of them, looking like a cornered animal. "What's going on?"

This made Abby even more confused at what to do. Her eyes were darting between the two girls like she was trying to get a message across.

  • Be cool. Stay in school.Kim, Wed Sep 22 9:43pm
    Kim was honestly surprised by Abby's words, though she tried not to show it. Expelled? Who was going to expel her? What did she do? Like, actually, really do? She had fought back when Willow hit her, ... more
    • Is that what they tell you on the streets? — Abigail and Derek, Wed Sep 22 10:30pm
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