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Headmaster Grace
Animagus Contest: FINAL RIDDLE
Mon Oct 4, 2010 11:00am

Headmaster Grace met the bulletin board in the Backwoods Court with familiar animosity. Oh, you again, it seemed to say to him, and he bit back a certain smugness in the fact that he was now on the final riddle, the final ribbon. Next term, either Oliver Creek or Abigail Greene would be an Animagus in training.

Eve had brought out the whisky as soon as they'd had to start writing the riddle, but this one had gone smoother than the rest. Even Devon himself admitted it had heart.

Not that he would be writing poetry anytime in the near future.

He tacked the final riddle onto the bulletin board with a particularly sharp thumb tack, feeling a satisfaction in the action. Then, considerably more reasonable in demeanor, he turned and walked away.

The final riddle read:

but in the end, go back in date
turn back three turns in history.
the ribbon years later
in the heart of a tree.
in the makeshift grave
in fading memories.

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