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Someone's awfully chipper today
Mon Oct 4, 2010 3:09pm

He wasn't even sure he could move while she talked. Adam had made the honorable mention, her brother? Devon barely knew who he was, but felt wary of him on basis of blood. He hadn't known he would have had a choice to have her not say anything. Frankly, she didn't have to bring any of it up at all. If he had given the speech as he ought to have, no one would have even known of Rand's success. He would have gotten a congratulations on finishing his thesis, and that would be that.

Cheryl Morrison. Devon had a library of books as well as wine! Jael was trouble enough for one child, and Morrison didn't run a school! Devon practically had all the kids here to deal with on top of Jael. And Cassandra didn't nanny for him anymore, now she worked here . . . But they all felt like dry, broken leaves of excuses, a blank plate still in front of him, an untouched glass of Malbec in his hand.

Well, just because Cheryl Fukcing Morrison had dabbled in all sorts of things didn't mean she was fantastic at any of them. Devon had honed his skills, found his expertise . . . the comparison was insulting but he didn't have a retort.

". . . really new for me to have the cash to do stuff. The ticket to Zimbabwe was just part of a salary, you know? But it took Sarah ages to get all the splinters out of my hands . . ." Cassandra was still chatting to Rand. What had she done? Built houses in Malawi? Rescued zebras? Single-handedly stopped a fukcing genocide??

"If you think the library of books is incredible," Devon bit back, but lazily, as though it didn't matter anymore, "You should see Morrison's medicine cabinet. Mother's little helper is in there, no nanny necessary."

He silently hexed one of Eve's cherry tomatoes to start rapidly growing as soon as it entered her mouth, but then removed the curse before it took place. It was all instant gratification. All compensation for that ignorant journal. Instead he fought to keep from glowering, and mused over holding an Alchemical Seminar for the older students, for the sole purpose of making the American Magic Council insane with rage.

". . . because we had to saw it all by hand, so the cuts weren't that clean. . ." Cassandra, still talking pleasantly to Rand.

Instead, he cursed once under his breath. He could create something to make it so Cassandra could saw wood easily, if that was what she wanted. He could have built her a fukcing hospital-school-zoo-library in a day with magic.

  • Yes, that tooEve, Mon Oct 4 2:38pm
    Eve could hardly contain herself. She ordered her usual garden salad, but also decided to indulge in a piece of chocolate cake for dessert as well. After all, her boyfriend made it on the list, while ... more
    • Someone's awfully chipper today — Devon, Mon Oct 4 3:09pm
      • Maybe someone slipped something in her juiceNurse Mason, Mon Oct 4 4:01pm
        Jered had waited, practically tapping his watch as Sarah tried to finish a couple last minute things in the Mercy Wing. Heaven knew these student utilized her facilities almost upon stepping on the... more
        • A big batch of happy!Eve, Mon Oct 4 9:16pm
          Eve turned around when Sarah spoke up, far too deliriously happy to muster up any short retort to Sarah's assertion. Instead, Eve's smile seemed only to grow. “Really?” she asked in a shocked tone,... more
          • And hate. Don't forget the hate.Devon, Tue Oct 5 7:24pm
            Sarah's interruption had an effect like warming up frostbite. Initially Devon sank into her defense, so grateful the most he could do was keep a face as though he didn't care. Then it began to... more
            • You just need some good drugs. Annet, Tue Oct 5 10:16pm
              “They made you Head of Quense?” Her brother’s profound disbelief of the new information had been a bit daunting. She saw no reason why she couldn’t be head of a house. Although she hadn’t been a... more
              • I have some back in my officeSarah Mason, Tue Oct 5 11:37pm
                There it was again. Surfacing in the worst way. Sarah's perfectly annoying habit of getting into awkward situations. She'd just made it worse. She put her drink down. "That is not what I meant," was... more
                • Consider me your new best friend, then!Eve, Tue Oct 5 11:59pm
                  Annet Anderson spoke up, and added her own zest and spice to the subject at hand. Eve welcomed it wholeheartedly, munching delightedly on a piece of cucumber. Perhaps this was just the opportunity to ... more
                  • Hey bestie, let's do lunchDevon, Wed Oct 6 10:12am
                    Eve was enjoying this too much. Devon wanted to simply leave. Sarah was digging him deeper in his grave with the Shovel of Good Intentions, Annet was joining in for the sheer fun of it (probably) and ... more
                    • I read that as Beastie, how odd. Annet, Wed Oct 6 5:09pm
                      "Well there... doesn't seem like a great list to be on, does it? Enough to drive you to insanity." Annet, after taking a bite of her salad and swallowed added cheerfully. “Or everyone is just... more
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