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Jake Grimm-Batrice
Oh crap...
Tue Oct 5, 2010 2:40am

Jake really didn’t know what to think about everything… which really wasn’t something new for him. His family seemed to be beyond any means of him understand half the time. Whether it was Asha and his defiant ways, Natalie’s bitchiness, Seth’s weirdness or Arlis’… well… Arlis being Arlis (Sophie alone was exempted from odd behavior), Jake was often left reeling by the end of the summer having been in contact with all of them at one point or another for prolonged periods.

There was a lot of anger in the house that summer. Arlis had apparently been seeing an older man, it came out, a politician, but she didn’t talk about it much so all he knew about that was what they reported in the papers. Seth had failed school and was being held back for another year (something Seth didn’t seem to care about), and his older brother came home for a month, as did Natalie so there was endless fighting between the two of them.

Jake did what any smart child would have done under the circumstances. Hid in his room until the whole thing blew over.

…Which pretty much meant he stayed in his room all summer. He managed to get by. He was ahead in his readings for his classes, having bought the books earlier. He’d read quite a lot of mystery novels over the summer as well, that a cousin had loaned him.

He couldn’t be happier to be back at school, honestly.

He made sure not to sit too close to his siblings. He avoided the Robeless all together, and Sophie didn’t seem to want to sit with him. Seth was… off in his own world and Jake didn’t really want to sit with him after the whole blood incident the year before.

He didn’t realize he had sat near Abby Greene until people started to look at her when Winchester mentioned her name. He smiled across the table at her when she turned to look at him at the end of the speech, then he spoke up.

“Congrats… what animal did you choose?” He bent down over his plate and ordered himself some spagetti. He was about to order some garlic break before he remembered the breath factor…

  • One excitable girl here!Abigail Greene, Tue Oct 5 2:27am
    This summer had been better than any one before and she couldn't imagine any after it being any better. She'd started Animagus training. It all started with theory and she had to tape a picture of an ... more
    • Oh crap... — Jake Grimm-Batrice, Tue Oct 5 2:40am
      • *jaw drops*Abigail Greene, Tue Oct 5 2:55am
        Abby was speechless. Something quite unusual for her under any circumstances. Had he just congratulated her? Jake? "Thanks," she said, though her tongue stumbled over it so badly it was more or less... more
        • -picks jaw off floor-Jake Grimm-Batrice, Tue Oct 5 3:08am
          "Cool!" He said in response to the fox thing. Being a fox would be a cool thing. He didn't even know what sort of form he would take on. Maybe, he thought, someday he would become a registered... more
          • Now I can't stop think of MikaAbigail Greene, Tue Oct 5 8:08am
            While Jake seemed to be fine eating, Abby didn't to much than tear apart her roast into bite sized pieces and take the occasional sampling of her potatoes. She usual had a pretty good appetite, but... more
            • The band?Jake, Tue Oct 5 1:25pm
              Jake hadn't actually noticed the glasses until she mentioned them, and now he noticed them. They somehow made her eyes more pronounced. He had thought, upon sitting across from her, that something... more
              • Yeah, the singerAbigail, Tue Oct 5 8:10pm
                He said her glasses looked nice! She took a bite to keep from giving away the absolute glee that was running through her veins right now. She was SOOO glad they weren't coke bottle glasses. They did... more
                • Like. Jake, Tue Oct 5 11:17pm
                  Judging by her shock, he figured it was safe to assume she didn’t know Arlis was his sister. Hm. He wondered how many people didn’t know that. How many people probably thought he was just some guy... more
                  • Like... me?Abigail Greene, Tue Oct 5 11:53pm
                    It was interesting hearing him talk about his siblings. Realistic, she supposed. Arlis was definitely overwhelming. Abby despised her for what she did last year. After the summer she realized that it ... more
                    • ..... Sure? -confused-Jake, Wed Oct 6 5:21pm
                      "Cool." He figured it must be awesome to only have one sibling. Only one sibling to worry about. For a moment he mused over which one he would like to keep, and settled on either Asha or Sophie.... more
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