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Abigail Greene
*jaw drops*
Tue Oct 5, 2010 2:55am

Abby was speechless. Something quite unusual for her under any circumstances. Had he just congratulated her? Jake? "Thanks," she said, though her tongue stumbled over it so badly it was more or less a random combination of vowels and consonants. She swallowed, asking the glass for some water. She didn't even bother with food right now.

What if she got something stuck in her teeth! Spaghetti was out... too much of a mess. And she had on a baby blue shirt on. True, only the collar showed as it came up and over her robes, but she couldn't risk it! It would look ten times worse. So she just took a drink of water.

"A-a fox," she said. Should she tell him what kind? One reason she'd picked an arctic fox was to throw people off. She wanted to be able to use this ability. She couldn't exactly keep it a secret. It was one of the first things they'd done after she could transform for up to five seconds at a time: register name and type of animagus. Still, if people just paid attention to the fact she could transfigure into a fox they'd be looking for a little reddish version. Plus, they wouldn't be looking for her in the snow.

Then again this was Jake. So what if she'd only really been around him the Mercy Wing? She'd day dreamed about him through the rest of the year, seeing him once in a while at meals, though she never felt brave enough to go up to him. He'd waved at her a couple times, practically melting into a puddle in her shoes when he did. And now he was sitting at her table! She had to actually speak, she reminded herself forcefully. "So," she said, picking up her fork, forgetting she didn't actually have anything on her plate. "How was your summer?" she went to poke into something, her cheeks getting a slight blush as she looked down. "Uh, roast and potatoes," she said, ordering the first thing she could think of.

  • Oh crap...Jake Grimm-Batrice, Tue Oct 5 2:40am
    Jake really didnít know what to think about everythingÖ which really wasnít something new for him. His family seemed to be beyond any means of him understand half the time. Whether it was Asha and... more
    • *jaw drops* — Abigail Greene, Tue Oct 5 2:55am
      • -picks jaw off floor-Jake Grimm-Batrice, Tue Oct 5 3:08am
        "Cool!" He said in response to the fox thing. Being a fox would be a cool thing. He didn't even know what sort of form he would take on. Maybe, he thought, someday he would become a registered... more
        • Now I can't stop think of MikaAbigail Greene, Tue Oct 5 8:08am
          While Jake seemed to be fine eating, Abby didn't to much than tear apart her roast into bite sized pieces and take the occasional sampling of her potatoes. She usual had a pretty good appetite, but... more
          • The band?Jake, Tue Oct 5 1:25pm
            Jake hadn't actually noticed the glasses until she mentioned them, and now he noticed them. They somehow made her eyes more pronounced. He had thought, upon sitting across from her, that something... more
            • Yeah, the singerAbigail, Tue Oct 5 8:10pm
              He said her glasses looked nice! She took a bite to keep from giving away the absolute glee that was running through her veins right now. She was SOOO glad they weren't coke bottle glasses. They did... more
              • Like. Jake, Tue Oct 5 11:17pm
                Judging by her shock, he figured it was safe to assume she didnít know Arlis was his sister. Hm. He wondered how many people didnít know that. How many people probably thought he was just some guy... more
                • Like... me?Abigail Greene, Tue Oct 5 11:53pm
                  It was interesting hearing him talk about his siblings. Realistic, she supposed. Arlis was definitely overwhelming. Abby despised her for what she did last year. After the summer she realized that it ... more
                  • ..... Sure? -confused-Jake, Wed Oct 6 5:21pm
                    "Cool." He figured it must be awesome to only have one sibling. Only one sibling to worry about. For a moment he mused over which one he would like to keep, and settled on either Asha or Sophie.... more
                    • I don't know if you really mean thatAbby Greene, Wed Oct 6 8:16pm
                      Abby's breath caught when he leaned in. Her hair had fallen in front of her shoulders and she was frozen even when he leaned back again. Her lips twitched at the corners when he acted impressed. And... more
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