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Lenin White and Rhys Brewer
Tue Oct 5, 2010 3:01am

Magic school really wasn't a stress for the cousins Lenin and Rhys. One would say that the circumstances of their upbringing were... "magical" in their own right. Growing up in pretty much the most hippy haven community in the west was certainly an other worldly experience. Lenin's mother was the witch, but her uncle Jimmy, Rhys' dad was a wizard so they had at least been raised by one since Lenin's mother ran off when she was younger and settled who knows where.
It wasn't the magic institute so much as the being shipped so far away that threw them. They weren't used to being so far away from their family. Going from living under one roof, sharing everything, knowing everyone in your community, to being in a new country (Lenin argued she was at least half American though) and even not in the same school houses was daunting to say the least. Lenin had been put into Ahela and Rhys into Ninth, though they made sure to meet up after settling into their respective houses so that they could come down to the opening feast together.

Their parents had chosen the school because there was a muggle employed there. Plus it was a public school. They said there was no way they would be funding the private school system, though both Rhys and Lenin were upset they would need to wear school robes regardless of it being privatized. It promoted same-ness... and conformity and the two did not feel a lick of comfort dressed in them so Lenin had conveniently forgotten them back home.
They had, at least, a little bit of freedom before they were sent back to them.

It threw her off a bit that they hadn't made friends yet. Though Rhys was wearing a giant straw hat and Lenin had been barefoot when they first arrived through the sorting trees.

Rhys, startled by the looks he was getting, was dressed a little more conservatively now in a button up shirt and black slacks... though he still insisted on wearing strange headgear over his thick brown curls. A russian hat perched on his head, ear flaps down. Lenin had her wild hair flying everywhere, and had slipped into a long patterned skirt and tank top. Every time she moved she jangled from her jewelry, a lot of it she had made herself and wanted to try and sell to kids on campus if she got the opportunity.

They listened quietly to the welcome speech, Rhys across the table from Lenin sitting next to a girl.
Rhys shrugged his shoulder's at the girl's question and looked at the girl's empty plate than at his own.

Lenin spoke up across from them. "I think we ask it what we want?" She'd just seen an older girl do it.

She bent down toward her plate and said clearly to it, "Brown rice and salmon."

She grinned and sat back up, picking up her fork when it appeared on her plate. "So cool!"

Rhys grinned at the discovery and bent over his own plate, saying louder than his cousin, "Chicken noodle soup." It appeared in a steaming bowl and he turned to look at the girl who spoke to them. "I'm Rhys, this is my cousin Lenin."

"I think you're in my house..." Lenin told the girl. She looked familiar anyway.

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    Scarlet's deep brown eyes were as wide as the dinner plate in front of her (or at least that's what they felt like). She looked about the room in amazement. The whole school was a wonder. How could... more
    • We're? — Lenin White and Rhys Brewer, Tue Oct 5 3:01am
      • We areScarlet, Tue Oct 5 12:20pm
        'Wow!' Scarlet cooed softly as the food appeared on the girl's plate. Her eyes were wide again as the magic happened. It was so cool. How could she not have known anything about this before the... more
        • "Probably!" Lenin said brightly to mention of them being roommates. As far as she knew that was how this system worked. They didn't really get to pick their own rooms right? But she was glad she got... more
          • Just consider me Royalty thenScarlet, Wed Oct 6 9:19am
            Scarlet ordered herself a chocolate milkshake from her glass like she had done with her plate. It too complied with her words and a thick shake poured upwards, completing the drink with a straw and... more
            • -Curtsy-Rhys and Lenin, Wed Oct 6 4:17pm
              Rhys liked the look of her milkshake and quickly ordered himself one, starting to guzzle it down as soon as it appeared on his plate. His dadís philosophies didnít interest him as much as they did... more
              • Now we're talkingScarlett, Sat Oct 9 10:36am
                Scarlet's eyebrows rose as Lenin went on about the subject. And what was 'chakra'? She had never heard of that before. Maybe the other girl was right. Her parents were certainly in denial about... more
                • We weren't before?Rhys and Lenin, Sat Oct 9 1:17pm
                  Lenin got the feeling that Scarlet wasn't much into her Uncle Jimmy's theories. As the conversation wound down at Scarlet pronouncing maybe there was a book on it -- to which Lenin wasn't sure there... more
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