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Abigail Greene
Now I can't stop think of Mika
Tue Oct 5, 2010 8:08am

While Jake seemed to be fine eating, Abby didn't to much than tear apart her roast into bite sized pieces and take the occasional sampling of her potatoes. She usual had a pretty good appetite, but everything inside her had been suddenly replaced by a fleet of butterflies as she kept looking at Jake, wondering what he was thinking.

Merlin, he was gorgeous. Well... maybe not as gorgeous as the Jake she'd built up in her head all summer. She'd told her mom about him. Dad would have flipped and, honestly, there was nothing to flip over, but he had a tendency to do it anyway. He flipped about the posters of Quidditch players or band members she had hanging up. Mom listened to her tell all about how he'd been so brave, stopping that girl (as Kim had been dubbed in the Greene household) from cutting anyone else. How he'd helped her all the way back to the Mercy Wing. And, of course, how sweet he'd been, holding her hand and just being there. Dad heard the "holding hands" bit as he walked in, but Mom knew how to ward him away and told him she would tell him about it later.

Abby did have to admit that even though he wasn't quite the movie star perfection she'd conjured with the lack of his presence, he was still good looking. He said his summer had been awful and she looked at him, sympathy etched in knitting of her eyebrow. "Really?" she asked, though it was one of those words you threw in when you had nothing else to say. Brilliant. She just had to find some words again. She took a drink of water, confused by the family part. She had no idea what his last name was, even. They didn't exactly share groups of friends, otherwise this might not be quite so nerve wracking.

"My summer?" she asked. Oh Merlin, how did you tell someone that said their summer was awful that yours was the best ever. She supposed you didn't. Abby took another sip of water. "It was okay. I had a lot of studying with the whole animagus thing. But I got to play Quidditch with my dad and brother. And... well... I got glasses, so maybe I'll be better at getting the ball this year," she said, unconsciously pushing at the edge of the frames. Her heart beat faster as she had the thought that guys might not like girls with glasses... did they still find them pretty? She almost wanted to take them off now.

"I, uh," she started, wanting to change the subject and clear something up. "I don't think I've actually met your family... have I?" she asked, still confused on the matter.

  • -picks jaw off floor-Jake Grimm-Batrice, Tue Oct 5 3:08am
    "Cool!" He said in response to the fox thing. Being a fox would be a cool thing. He didn't even know what sort of form he would take on. Maybe, he thought, someday he would become a registered... more
    • Now I can't stop think of Mika — Abigail Greene, Tue Oct 5 8:08am
      • The band?Jake, Tue Oct 5 1:25pm
        Jake hadn't actually noticed the glasses until she mentioned them, and now he noticed them. They somehow made her eyes more pronounced. He had thought, upon sitting across from her, that something... more
        • Yeah, the singerAbigail, Tue Oct 5 8:10pm
          He said her glasses looked nice! She took a bite to keep from giving away the absolute glee that was running through her veins right now. She was SOOO glad they weren't coke bottle glasses. They did... more
          • Like. Jake, Tue Oct 5 11:17pm
            Judging by her shock, he figured it was safe to assume she didnít know Arlis was his sister. Hm. He wondered how many people didnít know that. How many people probably thought he was just some guy... more
            • Like... me?Abigail Greene, Tue Oct 5 11:53pm
              It was interesting hearing him talk about his siblings. Realistic, she supposed. Arlis was definitely overwhelming. Abby despised her for what she did last year. After the summer she realized that it ... more
              • ..... Sure? -confused-Jake, Wed Oct 6 5:21pm
                "Cool." He figured it must be awesome to only have one sibling. Only one sibling to worry about. For a moment he mused over which one he would like to keep, and settled on either Asha or Sophie.... more
                • I don't know if you really mean thatAbby Greene, Wed Oct 6 8:16pm
                  Abby's breath caught when he leaned in. Her hair had fallen in front of her shoulders and she was frozen even when he leaned back again. Her lips twitched at the corners when he acted impressed. And... more
                  • I'm not sure what I think.Jake, Thu Oct 7 2:09pm
                    A Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher who was curse ? For a moment he always said that he might not be very good at his job then, but held it back knowing that might be rude. Actually, in fact, it... more
                    • You're a boy. That takes time.Abigail Greene, Fri Oct 8 2:06am
                      Abby laughed at the story of his uncle. She probably shouldn't, having been raised with stories of how bad such a situation could be. "Seriously?" she asked, giggling again. "Yeah," she said. "From... more
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