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Dominic Moonbeam and Evelyn Moorlaker
It's gone really fast....
Tue Oct 5, 2010 12:08pm

Dom and Evelyn had bumped into each other while arriving and, after much tearful kissing-of-cheeks from Evelyn's mother, awkward standing around from her father and a lot of glaring from Dom's parents, the two of them had decided to walk down to the start of term feast together. As they'd left their respective parents, Evelyn had heard her father mutter, "She's never mentioned a boyfriend before..." which had caused Evelyn's face to turn into a beacon of embarrassment. Dom's asking what was wrong hadn't helped.

They'd talked much of the way to the Court, unaware of being beaten there by a passing beetle.

Dom said his summer had been awful, but it didn't matter because they usually were. There was one thing that had worried him slightly however: his parents had invited one of their distant relations to stay - and they had a fifteen year old daughter. Dom was sixteen in a couple of weeks' time, and most wizarding families eager to see their children married off to other pueblood families started trying to find potential future husbands and wives for their little darlings around this age(according to Dom, some families started looking even earlier). The girl was called Erinn, and though she had seemed like a nice person, and was easy to talk to (she wasn't too keen on the idea of marrying blood relatives, even if they were only distantly related), he'd told her, very apologetically, that he had a girlfriend and he wasn't interested. This had apparently caused greater distress to Dom's mother than Erinn. Erinn had simply looked very offended and told Dom not to flatter himself, as she wasn't interested either. Dom's mother, on the other hand, who had been listening behind a hedge, fainted, and had to be dragged into the house before they could help her Apparate to hospital.

However, Evelyn seemed less reluctant to talk about her summer. She had simply gone pink and giggly, and said it was fine. They'd said a quick "hi" to Gilly, who was going off to do some Quidditch practice, regardless of whether or not the pitch was open yet (Gilly had spent much of the previous year fuming about being pipped at the post for the position of Seeker in the school's Quidditch team. The fact that there was no way Dom would perform poorly enough to be kicked off the team had not deterred Gilly. Evelyn only hoped he didn't have a secret plan to bump Dom off somehow). Evelyn looked around for Gilly now, but she couldn't see him. Perhaps he'd lost track of time.

They scurried into the Court, almost the last ones to get there, and sat down quickly before the noise of chatter died down and Professor Winchester gave the start of term speech. Evelyn thought this was odd - didn't the Headmaster usually give the speech? She looked the seat next to her Head of House's and saw the headmaster sitting in it. He looked like he was sulking, but Evelyn had long since assumed sulking was so childish that adults didn't bother with it anymore. Evidently she was wrong.

When the speech was over, and they could all talk again, Dom looked to his left and saw a girl that looked like Willow. Maybe she was Damon's sister or something? Obviously she was new, and it made sense to try and befriend her, as she was probably all alone. "Hi," he said, smiling, then realised to his horror that it was Willow. What had she done to herself? "Um, that looks... interesting," he said, with all the enthusiasm he could muster, all the while staring at her as if she'd suddenly turned into a cat and back again. Evelyn, looking round to see who Dom was talking to, saw Willow and could only gape.

  • Re: Another one under the belt. (Tag: everyone!)Willow Clay, Mon Oct 4 3:06pm
    As Willow walked down to the Courts from Ninth, pulling her robes on, she got several surprised looks and double takes. Somehow, Jenna had persuaded Willow to practically sign her body over to her... more
    • It's gone really fast.... — Dominic Moonbeam and Evelyn Moorlaker, Tue Oct 5 12:08pm
      • Willow had started to stare down at the table again when she saw Evelyn and Dom sit down at the table, nearby her. She suddenly felt self-concious and... sort of naked without her hippie hair and... more
        • You probably should focus on that.Evelyn and Dom, Thu Oct 7 1:53pm
          Evelyn, who had come to her senses, kicked Dom under the table. Really! The best thing he could think to say was "interesting"? He clearly needed some lessons in sensitivity. She cleared her throat... more
          • Focus... focus... I can't.Willow, Thu Oct 7 2:30pm
            "Oh, oh okay," Willow muttered. She really wasn't good with compliments. "Thanks." she took a small bite from her veggie burger and looked down at the plate as she chewed, almost choking as Dom... more
            • Maybe you need a hypnotist...Evelyn and Dom and Gillius Fowle, Thu Oct 7 3:03pm
              Dom's eyes widened in alarm as Willow choked violently on her dinner. "Are you ok?" he asked, ready to sprint for the nurse if need be. He could have kicked himself for being so cavalier about the... more
              • Who, though?Willow, Thu Oct 7 3:28pm
                "Good," Willow said, a little more violently than she meant to. Damn it, she needed to stop being so protective over him. Dom could look after himself. If he didn't want to have an arranged marriage, ... more
                • Good question...Evelyn, Dom and Gilly, Tue Oct 12 2:09pm
                  Evelyn smiled when she heard Willow firmly expressing her approval that neither Dom nor his relative were the slightest bit interested in each other. On the other hand, she also felt kind of sad for... more
                  • Any old person will do, I think.Willow, Tue Oct 12 3:16pm
                    "Okay," Willow said, returning the squeeze. She stared at her food, not that hungry any more, and pushed the plate away. She smiled and looked around the hall, looking at the people she recognised... more
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