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Lenin and Rhys
I was commenting on you talking about yourself in the plural
Tue Oct 5, 2010 1:32pm

"Probably!" Lenin said brightly to mention of them being roommates. As far as she knew that was how this system worked. They didn't really get to pick their own rooms right? But she was glad she got to meet one of her roommates ahead of time. She seemed nice. But she was used to sharing a bed with Rhys and the rest of the kids... they practiced family bed at home. She loved it... but it would be nice to have a bed all to herself for once.

"That's true." Rhys commented on the fact Lenin and him were at least there together. He hadn't thought of it that way, and when he did it was all pretty exciting. At least him and Lenin weren't a different age too, then they would have been separated by that too. Though even so they were still on he same level of learning, having done homeschooling together. He wondered why Lenin wasn't out into Ninth too. Having looked at the school documents he knew that Ahela was the house for the smart people. He had been put into the house which -- he felt -- would house the most people like his family and friends back home.
So far he hadn't really met any yet. "Ohh, so you're muggle born then?" Rhys grinned at her. "We didn't always know we could do magic, but my dad and Lenin's mom are magic."

Lenin smiled and spoke up from the other side of the table. "Uncle Jimmy thinks that everyone has the ability to do magic... we've just forgotten how after so long."

  • We areScarlet, Tue Oct 5 12:20pm
    'Wow!' Scarlet cooed softly as the food appeared on the girl's plate. Her eyes were wide again as the magic happened. It was so cool. How could she not have known anything about this before the... more
    • I was commenting on you talking about yourself in the plural — Lenin and Rhys, Tue Oct 5 1:32pm
      • Just consider me Royalty thenScarlet, Wed Oct 6 9:19am
        Scarlet ordered herself a chocolate milkshake from her glass like she had done with her plate. It too complied with her words and a thick shake poured upwards, completing the drink with a straw and... more
        • -Curtsy-Rhys and Lenin, Wed Oct 6 4:17pm
          Rhys liked the look of her milkshake and quickly ordered himself one, starting to guzzle it down as soon as it appeared on his plate. His dadís philosophies didnít interest him as much as they did... more
          • Now we're talkingScarlett, Sat Oct 9 10:36am
            Scarlet's eyebrows rose as Lenin went on about the subject. And what was 'chakra'? She had never heard of that before. Maybe the other girl was right. Her parents were certainly in denial about... more
            • We weren't before?Rhys and Lenin, Sat Oct 9 1:17pm
              Lenin got the feeling that Scarlet wasn't much into her Uncle Jimmy's theories. As the conversation wound down at Scarlet pronouncing maybe there was a book on it -- to which Lenin wasn't sure there... more
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