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And I need to remember to fill in this box 8|
Tue Oct 5, 2010 2:30pm

Willow had started to stare down at the table again when she saw Evelyn and Dom sit down at the table, nearby her. She suddenly felt self-concious and... sort of naked without her hippie hair and clothes. She didn't want to draw any attention to herself just yet.
"Veggie burger," she muttered. Jenna had tried to get her to quit vegetarianism as well, but that was going way too far.

She heard a familiar voice say "Hi." and realised to her dismay that she'd been noticed. His enthusiasm sounded sort of fake, which probably meant he hated it all.
"Hi," Willow said, her voice going hoarse for a moment. She cleared her throat and looked up at the ceiling, well aware that Evelyn was staring. "Good summer?" she asked them both, still looking anywhere but actually at Dom and Evelyn.

Her summer had actually been all right until Jenna had grabbed her. She'd spent a lot of time out in the woods, and then she'd gone to a protest and had tied herself to a tree with loads of other cool people.
Willow's parents had insisted on spending some time with her, but it had gone surprisingly okay. Although they'd locked her in the house.

  • It's gone really fast....Dominic Moonbeam and Evelyn Moorlaker, Tue Oct 5 12:08pm
    Dom and Evelyn had bumped into each other while arriving and, after much tearful kissing-of-cheeks from Evelyn's mother, awkward standing around from her father and a lot of glaring from Dom's... more
    • And I need to remember to fill in this box 8| — Willow, Tue Oct 5 2:30pm
      • You probably should focus on that.Evelyn and Dom, Thu Oct 7 1:53pm
        Evelyn, who had come to her senses, kicked Dom under the table. Really! The best thing he could think to say was "interesting"? He clearly needed some lessons in sensitivity. She cleared her throat... more
        • Focus... focus... I can't.Willow, Thu Oct 7 2:30pm
          "Oh, oh okay," Willow muttered. She really wasn't good with compliments. "Thanks." she took a small bite from her veggie burger and looked down at the plate as she chewed, almost choking as Dom... more
          • Maybe you need a hypnotist...Evelyn and Dom and Gillius Fowle, Thu Oct 7 3:03pm
            Dom's eyes widened in alarm as Willow choked violently on her dinner. "Are you ok?" he asked, ready to sprint for the nurse if need be. He could have kicked himself for being so cavalier about the... more
            • Who, though?Willow, Thu Oct 7 3:28pm
              "Good," Willow said, a little more violently than she meant to. Damn it, she needed to stop being so protective over him. Dom could look after himself. If he didn't want to have an arranged marriage, ... more
              • Good question...Evelyn, Dom and Gilly, Tue Oct 12 2:09pm
                Evelyn smiled when she heard Willow firmly expressing her approval that neither Dom nor his relative were the slightest bit interested in each other. On the other hand, she also felt kind of sad for... more
                • Any old person will do, I think.Willow, Tue Oct 12 3:16pm
                  "Okay," Willow said, returning the squeeze. She stared at her food, not that hungry any more, and pushed the plate away. She smiled and looked around the hall, looking at the people she recognised... more
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