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Cassandra Locke
Just glad it's not me this year
Tue Oct 5, 2010 8:03pm

Cassandra had traveled over the summer; some parts of it were more pleasant than others. A lot of it had been completely unexpected, which was something she felt she had been getting used to her whole life. Her brother Derek was taking a brief sabbatical in New York where Beth, her sister worked, and they had invited her to visit for a weekend.

She didn't like to lie and didn't have anything she was doing. Most of the time she and her siblings got along rather well. It was only when their parents were around that it got harder. But the weekend had been enjoyable. It had carried over a day too late - Cassandra's fault, thinking she could extend her stay - and in the end things had left off on a rough edge. Her parents were worried about her, and had received some kind of screaming letter in the mail last year that had prompted them to call the police, but now, apparently, they couldn't remember ever having called their children in fear.

She didn't like that she'd had to go back.

She had made it as brief as possible, checked in with her parents, ate dinner with them, and then left right after. Took the train up to Portland and crashed on Jeremy's couch, which ended up being more awkward than she ever wanted in the first place. From there she had to trudge around the city for hours until she found a sign of magic. It was a mirror in a shop front, and through the glass she was sure she could hear it as she walked past each time, saying one thing after another, "Oh watch out for that one, she's on a mission, yes she is!" or "Can you use those things if you need to tie someone up?"

A few times past and she was convinced. It was barely audible, but she was attuned now to this side of the world. She stepped into the shop and asked if she could pay the owner to borrow an owl.

She sent Devon a letter asking him to keep magic out of her parents' house, thanked the shopkeeper, and as a devilish afterthought, purchased the mirror on the school's dollar and took an airplane back to Pittsburgh to hang it up in her new common room. No one had to know where it had come from, but it sure was feisty.

"I visited some friends in Ghana," she answered, "Who were building a hospital. It felt good to get back into shape."

She smiled, feeling wonderful. She looked about the same but could tell she was stronger. The tan was just about the only obvious detail. "And Devon set up a portkey tour of some museums for Jael and me, so we did a week around the world that way. I have now almost fallen asleep in every major museum."

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