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Rand Michealson
Give it Time
Tue Oct 5, 2010 9:49pm

"Ghana?" he exclaimed more than asked. "Ghana! That had to be amazing," he said.

There were several places he wanted to go. Ghana was said to be a treasure trove of ancient runes. Of course Cassandra would have a more noble purpose than that. Rand would have gone to help on such a project if invited. Cassandra would go because it was how she wanted to spend her summer. It was one of those things he noticed about her right away. She was a good woman and he enjoyed her company. He wondered how anyone could be around her and not want to be a better person.

He could overhear a bit of a commotion starting to his right. Eve's voice had that tone of gloating. He couldn't handle that. He let her take his hand, but blocked the rest of it out. He didn't want to be involved. particularly if that idiotic list was involved.

"You look great," he told her. "Got plenty of sun, huh?" and he laughed at her comment about sleeping in museums.

"Hope you got more sleep than me." He reached across with his other hand, swapping it out so he could eat. "The building finished yet? I wonder if they ever have wizards go to help."

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    • Give it Time — Rand Michealson, Tue Oct 5 9:49pm
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