Sarah Mason
I have some back in my office
Tue Oct 5, 2010 11:37pm

There it was again. Surfacing in the worst way. Sarah's perfectly annoying habit of getting into awkward situations. She'd just made it worse. She put her drink down. "That is not what I meant," was all she could come up with in the end. Why was Eve being this way? She'd seen it before, if she hadn't exactly understood what was happening. Moreover, she'd seen the war between them get downright physical in the worst way.

Sarah hated seeing Devon look like that. She was about to say something more, though she knew it wasn't likely to help when Annet jumped in.

They'd only met a couple of times. Annet was a perfectly odd woman. She said the strangest things. Sarah might not have helped but Annet's own commentary didn't even seem to be trying.

Sarah sat back. "Well there... doesn't seem like a great list to be on, does it? Enough to drive you to insanity," she said, forgetting that Rand was on that list.

  • You just need some good drugs. Annet, Tue Oct 5 10:16pm
    “They made you Head of Quense?” Her brother’s profound disbelief of the new information had been a bit daunting. She saw no reason why she couldn’t be head of a house. Although she hadn’t been a... more
    • I have some back in my office — Sarah Mason, Tue Oct 5 11:37pm
      • Consider me your new best friend, then!Eve, Tue Oct 5 11:59pm
        Annet Anderson spoke up, and added her own zest and spice to the subject at hand. Eve welcomed it wholeheartedly, munching delightedly on a piece of cucumber. Perhaps this was just the opportunity to ... more
        • Hey bestie, let's do lunchDevon, Wed Oct 6 10:12am
          Eve was enjoying this too much. Devon wanted to simply leave. Sarah was digging him deeper in his grave with the Shovel of Good Intentions, Annet was joining in for the sheer fun of it (probably) and ... more
          • I read that as Beastie, how odd. Annet, Wed Oct 6 5:09pm
            "Well there... doesn't seem like a great list to be on, does it? Enough to drive you to insanity." Annet, after taking a bite of her salad and swallowed added cheerfully. “Or everyone is just... more
            • So which one of you is Beauty?Sarah, Wed Oct 6 9:58pm
              Sarah was perturbed by Annet's behavior as much as she was by Eve's. She felt like Alice at the Madhatter's tea table in Alice in Wonderland, where everyone around her was totally off their rocker.... more
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