Abigail Greene
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Tue Oct 5, 2010 11:53pm

It was interesting hearing him talk about his siblings. Realistic, she supposed. Arlis was definitely overwhelming. Abby despised her for what she did last year. After the summer she realized that it was all Arlis' fault for bringing Kim and their whole robeless attitude to her party uninvited. That didn't mean Kim didn't scare the crap out of her still. She didn't want to come near her, if she could help it. Next time she'd have a machete or something equally horrible.

"Oh, I doubt that," she said quickly, almost too quickly, when he mentioned when they all left the school. He was definitely ahead of her in school... how much longer did he really have?

"Just one," she said. She was mashing up the potatoes with her fork now forearms leaning against the table as she concentrated on the movement of her utensil. "My brother will be here next year."

Abby had always wondered what it would be like, being from a big family. She thought it would be cool. Only she didn't want any sisters. Never had. Her dad had made it very clear she was his girl and she didn't want to share him at all. Kyle was another story. He didn't really take away from her time with their dad. "We live out in Maryland with my parents. Dad used to teach here," she said proudly, looking up at him. "But he doesn't really remember. Someone cursed him." This last part she'd leaned in, whispering the fact as if it were still some big mystery. That's how Abby liked to see it anyway.

  • Like. Jake, Tue Oct 5 11:17pm
    Judging by her shock, he figured it was safe to assume she didnít know Arlis was his sister. Hm. He wondered how many people didnít know that. How many people probably thought he was just some guy... more
    • Like... me? — Abigail Greene, Tue Oct 5 11:53pm
      • ..... Sure? -confused-Jake, Wed Oct 6 5:21pm
        "Cool." He figured it must be awesome to only have one sibling. Only one sibling to worry about. For a moment he mused over which one he would like to keep, and settled on either Asha or Sophie.... more
        • I don't know if you really mean thatAbby Greene, Wed Oct 6 8:16pm
          Abby's breath caught when he leaned in. Her hair had fallen in front of her shoulders and she was frozen even when he leaned back again. Her lips twitched at the corners when he acted impressed. And... more
          • I'm not sure what I think.Jake, Thu Oct 7 2:09pm
            A Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher who was curse ? For a moment he always said that he might not be very good at his job then, but held it back knowing that might be rude. Actually, in fact, it... more
            • You're a boy. That takes time.Abigail Greene, Fri Oct 8 2:06am
              Abby laughed at the story of his uncle. She probably shouldn't, having been raised with stories of how bad such a situation could be. "Seriously?" she asked, giggling again. "Yeah," she said. "From... more
              • I have to wait that long? Durn.Jake, Sat Oct 9 12:09am
                He would have whistled. A big long one that people did when they were impressed with something, a cartoon whistle, but... he couldn't whistle. Never been able to, so instead he just raised his... more
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