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Howl and Flora Saltzman
A big one?
Wed Oct 6, 2010 2:08pm

Flora had been driving Howl mad for the first half summer, asking him countless questions, sometimes so fast that she didn't even wait to get an answer off him.
She had stopped though, when the newest Saltzman - Zanna - was born, and had instead started to spend most of her time doting over the new baby or fretting about the fact that money was so tight she was having to wear Howl's old robes.

Now she was quiet, extremely quiet, and was biting her lip so hard Howl could see it starting to bleed. "Calm down," he told her. "Everyone in Quesne's really nice." Flora had landed out of the Quesne tree.
He was on the verge of a growth spurt again, and as soon as the speech was over he looked at his plate and said, "Chicken casserole."
Flora breathed out in surprise. "How did you do that?" she asked.
"Just say what you want," Howl said, before starting to eat so fast you would have thought he was in an eating race.
"I don't feel hungry," Flora muttered, and she pushed her plate away, staring around the Courts.

Howl looked up and saw Kim sat across the table. Damn, she looked amazing. And he was confused; he had been all Summer. Did Kim punching him mean they'd broken up? He'd tried to explain, but she'd just seemed angry, and then, as always, Arlis had shown up.
"Kim," he said uncertainly over the table. "Hi."

  • Let's start this with a bangKim Baden, Tue Oct 5 8:45pm
    The most interesting thing that had happened over the summer was that an annoying mirror had appeared in the Ninth common room. It had really scared Kim. Not only had her reflection glowered right... more
    • A big one? — Howl and Flora Saltzman, Wed Oct 6 2:08pm
      • You know meKim, Wed Oct 6 4:14pm
        She had sat down across the table from Howl, and the most she could do was blink. At first she just stared at him, wide-eyed, like a deer caught in the headlights. He seemed okay. He looked good.... more
        • I do!Howl and Flora, Thu Oct 7 2:49pm
          "Hi," Flora said, wondering how the girl - apparently called Kim - knew her name. More to the point, why was Howl looking at her like that? He hadn't said anything about Kim to her before...... more
          • Good! Then it won't be a surprise.Kim, Thu Oct 7 5:59pm
            Just as she was about to say, "Damnit, I got the wrong house," she caught the side of Howl's face out of the corner of her eye. He looked put-out at the whole thing, but really, it was an entire... more
            • Madison's our spokesperson, obviouslyMadison Connor and Reece Teslock and Jael Grace, Thu Oct 7 6:12pm
              The scene next to her had started getting out of hand when Kim Baden had sat down. Madison Connor had turned to Reece and given him a look. That was Kim Baden, the look said, the girl who stabbed... more
              • Oh dear.Howl and Flora, Fri Oct 8 10:36am
                She just heard? What did that mean? Flora was disappointed that they didn't actually teach mind reading, and shrugged. "It was pretty bad," she said, before going back to her food. Howl stared at... more
                • Oh, my dear!Kim, Fri Oct 8 12:21pm
                  Kim broke out into a grin without meaning to, her entire face flushing right after. He must have known she was just making it up, just to say something, but she'd made him laugh. She looked down at... more
                  • Me? Your dear?Reece and Jael, Fri Oct 8 12:36pm
                    Kim Baden didn't look scary at all when she was trying not to laugh, Reece thought. So much for Madison Connor's promises - but he had to take what she said with a grain of salt, he remembered. The... more
                    • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa!Howl and Flora, Fri Oct 8 12:59pm
                      Howl's face broke into a grin again when he saw Kim was grinning and trying not to laugh. She didn't look so like she had last term any more. Flora said nothing, because she didn't know who the... more
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